World on Fire: South Africa Implodes/”COVID Certificate” Protests/The Border Crisis


By Wayne Allensworth

As noted in this space earlier, what’s happening in South Africa could foreshadow our own future. Revolver put it this way: The first country built on Critical Race Theory is imploding. Having declared the “end of history” following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the global elite’s crusade to spread “liberal democracy” brought down the apartheid-era regime. There would not be any reconciliation in that troubled land, as the long slide into chaos began. Anti-white envy and resentment have carried the day. Mob leaders are now calling for the homes of Indians and whites to be burned down and their owners murdered:

From Revolver:

“South Africa did everything that is being done in America right now. As a hyperdiverse multiethnic, multilingual society, South Africa has followed almost every prescription embraced by the globalist ruling class.

This is about more than riots. This wave of violence will eventually peter out. But there is no reason to be optimistic when that happens. There will be no sense of having survived a calamity, and having a chance to rebuild. When this wave of burning and looting and killing are over, there is nothing to look forward to but the next wave.”

South Africa, once an oasis of stability and prosperity in that part of the world, is lost, but the globalists’ work is never done.

In France, the government is introducing what amounts to a “vaccine passport,” AKA a “COVID Certificate,” and if French citizens don’t have one, they will be barred from entering public venues like museums, swimming pools, movie theaters, theme parks, festivals, concerts, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls. The pass would confirm that the holder is either fully vaccinated or has recently tested negative for the virus. 

The Masters of the Universe will surely watch events in France closely, as thousands of French citizens protest in the streets:

Globocrats used the COVID-19 scare as a means of expanding their power over ordinary citizens, as the managerial elite took a big step toward achieving its apparent aim of technocratic social engineering. As costly, ineffective lockdowns were instituted across the country, noted John Tierney in City Journal, mainstream media scaremongering frightened Americans into surrendering their freedoms, while the Left celebrated the “paradigm shift,” as they saw the “panic pandemic” as a blueprint for future power grabs.

Meanwhile, the crisis at our Southern border, which is being overwhelmed by “migrants” from across the globe, has reached a critical juncture. Globalism demands “open borders,” which effectively means “no borders,” and little to no control over “migration.” As reported previously, a 2018 Gallup survey indicated that 15 percent of the world’s adult population, or some 750 million people, wants to move to another country–and the US is the most preferred destination. The masses headed our way now have the technical means to organize “caravans” and travel is not the impediment it was in the age of sail. If the border is left open, they will come, and we will be replaced. The “Great Replacement” has been on the globalist agenda for decades

Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s deployment of National Guard troops and State Troopers at border hotspots, along with troopers from several other states, and pledge to build border barriers (“the wall”) is encouraging (contribute here). We will get no satisfaction from the federal authorities, who see the American Remnant as the enemy, a roadblock to the brave new “rainbow” world they foresee. We will have to organize ourselves at the state and local level, where we have some hope of achieving something positive. Parents combatting CRT in their local school districts is an example. County Sheriffs in a number of states have shown the requisite backbone our duplicitous representatives in Washington lack.  

We will have to be vigilant. The positions taken by Governor Abbot and some of his colleagues are a move in the right direction — so far as they go. The devil, as always, is the details. Assuming Abbot means to build a serious barrier, border controls alone won’t do the job. Interior enforcement, including sanctions against employers of illegal aliens, should be a priority. Without them, the jobs magnet will still attract “migrants,” who can enter the US at unguarded segments of the border and then travel to their preferred destinations, such as Texas and Florida. That’s to say nothing of the mass of illegal aliens already here.

What’s more, we cannot trust that the governors currently showboating at the border are actually serious about preserving a place for our people. Lots of Republicans are willing to throw some red meat at the rubes on illegal immigration, for instance, without mentioning the equally pressing issue of legal immigration. Legal immigrants can replace us as readily as the illegal kind. Big talk and political Kabuki theatre have been par for the course for the GOP. We have to demand more than heated rhetoric and tough guy posturing.

And that brings us to the sticky problem of domestic migration within the United States. It’s commonplace to hear complaints here in Texas, for example, that people bailing out of California land here, then vote for the very policies that wrecked the Golden State. If Texas or any other “red state” wants to preserve itself as such, then that problem must be addressed. That means devising some means of curbing an influx of “blue” voters. It will be a very difficult nut to crack, but we have no other choice.

The World is on Fire in a series of political and social crises that are the products of globalization. We have no time for a political “long march.” These are just a few steps that are urgently needed if we wish to preserve places for ourselves and our posterity to survive and carry on.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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