The “Endless Invasion” and Our Replacement


By Wayne Allensworth

In a recent column, Pat Buchanan noted rampant dysfunction in our land–mass shootings, the George Floyd religious cult, skyrocketing murder rates–and wrote that “it seems our country is coming apart.” If that weren’t enough, in March, and again in April, 167,000 alien invaders were caught crossing the Southern border of the United States. They will probably soon be released into the American heartland.

This is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg. As Pat Buchanan pointed out, we are in for an “endless invasion,” with a mass migration of historic magnitude underway, as teeming masses are on the march from Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and the Islamic world. Europe and North America are currently on the receiving end of the beginning of a nation and civilization killing demographic tidal wave. The destiny of the migrants headed for our shores, as Mr. Buchanan added, “may be to replace us.”

Judging by surveys taken in the countries that are the sources of most of the mass migration, there are likely more on the way.

According to a Gallup World Poll survey released in 2018, for instance, 15% of the world’s adult population, some 750 million people, expressed a desire to move to another country. Gallup further noted that this is a trend that has been showing up in its surveys for nearly twenty years–and that the United States has consistently been the most desirable destination.

Steve Sailer has repeatedly called attention to the World’s Most Important Graph, one charting the population explosion in Africa. African migrants are already turning up in Mexico, headed for the United States. There are plenty more of them to come to Europe and America, and today’s migrants can reach their chosen destinations much more readily than during the age of sail. What’s more, “caravans” can be organized with the help of cell phones and social media.

Mr. Buchanan also wrote that as a Camp of the Saints invasion was developing in the United States, native-born Americans have ceased to reproduce themselves. As yours truly wrote recently, even what appears to be good news can be deceptive. Yes, the number of divorces is down, but that’s because marriage has collapsed. There are lot of factors contributing to the collapse of marriage and family in the United States–the sexual revolution of the 60’s, abortion, the pill, and the decline of Christianity and traditional morality among them–but could it be that subconsciously, members of the American ethnos, our “American Remnant,” who might otherwise have married and had children, see the writing on the wall and have already given up?

Whites are experiencing more suicides and deaths by drug addiction and alcoholism, the so-called “deaths of despair” that are reminiscent of post-Soviet Russia, and closer to home, life on American Indian reservations. This is what dispossession looks like. This is the pit the Globalists and their Leftists allies want us to fall into, as they clear the road for their Hellish utopia.

Our people have been in denial for too long, but that denial is wearing thin. Tucker Carlson recently garnered a lot of attention–and plenty of media attacks–for bringing up the Great Replacement. At the same time, Carlson could not explicitly state who is being slated for replacement, and he couched his argument against open borders in political language about the immigrant invasion diminishing Americans’ voting rights, emphasizing that the Democrats benefit from that. That’s true as far as it goes, but Carlson didn’t mention that it is not just the Democrats who favor policies that will overwhelm us demographically.

Note, for instance, that some GOP luminaries seem to be warming to the idea of statehood for Puerto Rico. Republican airheads want us to believe that they can “win” there, but to what end if our demographic replacement proceeds apace?

The battle we are facing, but have not yet begun to fight, is not simply about politics. We can try to dodge the central issue of the Great Replacement–that its aim is to overwhelm the American ethnos–by making limited arguments about “owning the Dems,” and about voting rights, saving “the Republic,” and preserving an all but defunct Constitution, all of which are cultural manifestations of the American national core our enemies want to do away with. Such efforts betray a lack of confidence, and they are another form of denial.

Until we identify ourselves and decide that we are worthy of defending for our own sake, as a nation that has a right to exist, that we are a distinct people with a distinct personality that is valuable in itself, like a family, we will lose.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine.  He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia (Rowman & Littlefield) and a novel, Field of Blood.

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