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Remember, The Great Replacement is A Myth, Part 1


In August, border agents apprehended more than 200K illegals. By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) The federal government began erecting a security fence around the U.S. Capitol yesterday in advance of Saturday’s Justice for J6 protest. Yet the guardians of America ignore the illegal-invasion at the southwest border. Thus did border patrol agents apprehend more than 200,000 illegals for...

Why We Needed R.E. Lee, Crazy Horse, and Other “Losers”


By Tom Piatak We are told ad nauseam that Confederate monuments should come down because we don’t honor those who lost in war and because we don’t honor those who killed Americans. We don’t honor “traitors,” either. BREAKING: Robert E. Lee statue, erected in 1890, removed from its pedestal on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 8...

Feminists Finally Admit Women Don’t Belong In Combat


By R. Cort Kirkwood A top flight pro golf caddy recently published this interesting piece in Golf Digest: Veteran looper explains the practical differences between men and women in pro golf. Upshot: Men hit the ball farther and generate greater club speed, and so play the game differently. Meanwhile, in the weeks before that piece appeared, feminists exploded in fury that a “transgender woman” —...

Globalism vs. “Putinism”


By Wayne Allensworth The managerial globalist regime’s hatred for Russian President Vladimir Putin is as intense as it seems inexplicable. From “Russiagate” to charges of anti-globalists shilling for Putin, the shrill accusations of Russia being behind every nefarious activity the global managers can imagine, to the comparisons of Putin to Hitler…On and on the trail of hatred...

Conservatives Get It Wrong Again, This Time on the Bombing In Kabul


A Facebook group called “The Committed Conservative” offered this assessment of the Marines and other Americans murdered today in Kabul: All 12 of the American soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan today would be alive but for the fact that Joe Biden PERSONALLY ignored ALL of our intelligence agencies who warned this would happen and ALL of his military and national security advisors who...

The Taliban and the Last Man


By Wayne Allensworth Some thoughts on the debacle in Afghanistan: The Taliban fighters’ cause, expelling an alien occupier, gave them the fire in the belly to endure and win, wearing down a high-tech empire in an iron age country. The technology didn’t matter in the end, nor did the billions spent, much of which was probably stolen by self-interested tribesmen who didn’t mind lying to...

Neocons, Look in the Mirror


Various neocons are venting over the incompetence of our withdrawal from Kabul, and they are looking for someone to blame. I suggest they grab a mirror: Mission creep set in in Afghanistan because it was seen as a “good war” that could help build support for our misadventure in Iraq, a neocon project par excellence.Another neocon project was to drive President Trump out of the White House and to...

Close The Border


By Darrell Dow The demographic transformation of America into a polyglot flophouse continues unabated.  In a leaked audio obtained by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Border Patrol agents in Texas that the border crisis is “unsustainable” and “we’re going to lose” if “borders are the first line of defense.” NEW: A source sent me leaked...

Facing Reality: Protecting Ourselves in the Future


By Wayne Allensworth Yours truly earlier pondered the implications of the USA becoming a low trust “failed state.” We will have to face up to what our society has become in order to courageously and realistically deal with unpleasant truths about our future as well as our present state. Jared Taylor has done just that in an article on the future of white Americans. The number of...

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