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Cops in Atlanta Arrest Rioters With Explosives; “Journalist”: Violence Against Property Isn’t Really Violence


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) Cops in Atlanta arrested six terror suspects on Saturday during a riot to protest the shooting on January 18 of a “non-binary” envirokook who was protesting a new police training center. The rioting terrorists set fire to a police car and tossed rocks at Atlanta police headquarters. But that’s not real violence, said a leftist “freelance journalist” who...

Some Top Christian Eggheads Are Wrong About Christian Nationalism. History Supports It.


By Tom Piatak Stephen Wolfe, a Reformed Protestant, is under withering fire in certain Reformed circles for his book The Case for Christian Nationalism, in part because he quoted the late Sam Francis, perhaps the greatest conservative intellectual of the past 50 years. One of the ways the Pecksniffs of Protestantism targeted Wolfe was by ending the livelihood of Thomas Achord, Wolfe’s friend and...

USC: “Field” Is A Racist Word


R. Cort Kirkwood From The New American … If you thought leftist wokery had reached apogee when crackpots decided to replace the singular pronouns “he” and “she” with “they” to avoid offending the “gender-fluid” or “non-binary,” think again.  The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work has a message: “Hold my beer.” The latest from commie college is that “field” must be...

Twitter Files: Gov’t Conspired to Control, Influence Twitter; Colluded With Social Media Execs to Crush Free Speech


The FBI and Pentagon were just two of the federal agencies that used a never-ending stream of requests to Twitter executives to stop “misinformation” on the leftist social media platform, Matt Taibbi’s latest dump of Twitter files shows. Myriad agencies joined the censorship program. And as all those files show, Twitter’s leftist controllers — most notably hate-Trump homosexual Yoel...

A Polish Carol Reminded Me Of The Essence Of Christmas


By Tom Piatak No other time of year brings up memories and stirs up emotions as Christmas does.  This is simply a fact, as undoubted as the mortality of Marley at the beginning of Dickens’ immortal tale.  And the fact of Christmas’ emotional power suggests  another fact:  Its Divine origin. More so than any other time of year, Christmas is tied up with memory.  For me, a...

Tending Graves (Flowers on A CHristmas Wreath)


By Wayne Allensworth Outside, the windswept landscape is dotted with prickly pear and yucca plants and patches of green. Live oaks and cedars dot the pasturelands marked by grazing cattle, rusty barbed wire fences and lonely windmills and deserted county roads. The truck bed is full of Christmas wreaths. We are on our way to two graveyards. I’ve heard it said that there is more wisdom in sorrow...

Twitter Worked With Pentagon On Psy-Ops And Propaganda


By R. Cort Kirkwood Twitter not only was the FBI’s willing handmaiden in censorship, but also helped the U.S. Defense Department manage its propaganda and psychological warfare operations. Twitter did so, journalist Lee Fang explained in Part 8 of the Twitter Files, despite its long-standing claim that it stopped governments from using the platform to manipulate the public. Along with...

FBI Paid Twitter To Censor Americans


By R. Cort Kirkwood So Twitter wasn’t just a “subsidiary” of the FBI, as the Twitter Files Part 6 revealed. It was a handsomely paid subsidiary, which might explain why it acted so quickly to crush the Hunter Biden laptop story at the FBI’s behest. From Michael Shellenberger’s Twitter Files Part 7, we now know that the FBI pushed Twitter to suppress the laptop story when it almost...

CNN Producer Pleads Guilty In Child Molestaton Case


By R. Cort Kirkwood The former high-level CNN producer who was accused of running a coast-to-coast child-rape scheme has pleaded guilty in federal court to sexually assaulting a nine-year-old-girl that he lured to Vermont. John Griffin, one-time right hand man to former CNN leftist big mouth Chris Cuomo, paid the girl’s mother more than $3,000 for sex with the child. The arrest was a major blow...

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