We Must Act Soon to Preserve a Place for Our People


By Wayne Allensworth

In my article “The Old America is Dead and Gone. Where do we go From Here?” published last summer, I noted that “blue” and “red” areas were both moving toward a form of internal secession:

“Blue states and Leftist kritarchs nullify laws they don’t like. Sanctuary cities and even sanctuary states defy immigration laws. Meanwhile, American patriots have answered with Second Amendment sanctuary counties and even states. Americans in inland California talk of seceding from the ‘Left coast.’ The Left has floated secession talk as well: Anarchists have seized and established their own “autonomous zone” in Seattle. West Virginia’s governor, Jim Justice, invited conservative counties in Virginia to secede and join the Mountain State [West Virginia Republicans encourage conservative Virginia counties to ‘Vexit,’ by Kelly Mena, CNN, Sun February 9, 2020] .

States, counties, and cities that sided with or surrendered to the mob, and the Blob’s intensification of anarcho-tyranny during the recent coronavirus lock down, seem to have sparked a sharp reaction from the American remnant that could provide the bare bones of a Middle American defense movement.

 Someday, ‘blue’ and ‘red’ enclaves, even whole states, might evolve into new polities.”

Following the failure of the Texas-led lawsuit challenging the election outcome to get a hearing in the Supreme Court, Texas GOP Chairman Allen West issued this statement:


In “Revolution and Resistance,” yours truly reached the following conclusion:

“It’s difficult to see how national elections, particularly presidential elections, can go on, as each election cycle provokes a systemic crisis.  A country that is no longer a nation can only be held together by force.  Considering that, and the fact that the Blob will eventually get the one-party state it wants via demographic change, the Middle American resistance will be forced to seek autonomy for our people as an ultimate goal.” 

With a “Biden rush” at the border shaping up, we had better start taking measures now at the state and local level to make sure there will be something left for us to claim.  As VDare’s A. W. Morgan wrote recently, a Biden administration would surely attempt to “carpet bomb” the American remnant with “instant Democrats” from the Third World. 

It’s going to be a long and arduous battle.  I hope we are up for it.

  Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.  

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By Wayne Allensworth

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