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Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Synodotalist


Apparently, the organizers of the Synod on Synodality have requested poems about the Synod. Weary at the prospect of yet more yakking about synodal governance and conforming the Church’s teaching on sexual morality and the nature of man to the latest demands of the Sexual Revolution, which have done wonders for the Church of England, I set the following lyrics to what Tom Lehrer called a...



By Tom Piatak I am too young to have seen Jim Brown play for the Cleveland Browns. Which means I am too young to have seen him play professional football, because the Browns are the only NFL team he ever played for. The Dirty Dozen star retired when he was still the best player at his position in football. Among the people I trust who did see him play, the consensus has never changed: this man...



By Tom Piatak The firing of Tucker Carlson by FOX News opens up enormous possibilities in American politics. In some way or some form, it points to a politics aimed at dethroning our ruling class, which is at once supremely confident in its supposed intellectual superiority and boundlessly ignorant of almost everything. That class controls almost all politicians, almost all major media, and...



Yesterday, Italy’s probable next Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, made the following statement: “We did not fight against and defeat communism in order to replace it with a new internationalist regime, but to permit independent nation states once again to defend the freedom, identity and sovereignty of their peoples.” I posted this quote on my Facebook page, where it won quick approval from...

Tim Challies: A Modern-Day Rev. Hyde


By Tom Piatak In writing on religious topics for myriad conservative publications through the past 20 years, my approach has been that of C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity. I do not hide that I’m Catholic, but I think Benjamin Franklin’s advice on different circumstances applies to the plight we Christians face today: “If we don’t hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately.” As my...



by Tom Piatak Pope Francis said something important in his news conference on the flight back from Kazakhstan: “To defend oneself is not only a right, but it’s also an act of love for the homeland. If someone doesn’t defend something, they don’t love it.” Francis was talking about the Ukrainians’ defense of their country from the Russian invasion. He would not use the same language to describe...

Democracy Does Not Mean Rule by Judges


By Tom Piatak I wish all those hyperventilating over the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs would actually read the decision. It is clear, logical, and persuasive. Unlike Roe, it actually explains why its conclusion is grounded in the Constitution. Roe never had any basis at all in the Constitution. It was merely an “exercise of raw judicial power,” as Byron White noted in his...

Let’s Talk About January 6, Please!


Inflation, after being quiescent for decades, is at a 40 year high. Gas prices are ruinously expensive. Biden passed up an early chance to negotiate an honorable peace in Ukraine, and, as a result, we are pouring billions we don’t have into yet another foreign war that does not concern vital American interests.Our southern border is wide open,  violent crime is beginning to skyrocket, and...

David Frum’s Mendacious Choice


By Tom Piatak Look at the reasons Canadian parasite David Frum offers for opposing the $40 billion tax transfer to Ukraine: Subtle distinctions between those who oppose Ukraine aid because they affirmatively admire and support Putin, those who oppose the aid because they hate the West and want it to lose, and those who oppose the aid for the crass partisan reason that Biden is doing it. Subtle...

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