David Frum’s Mendacious Choice


By Tom Piatak

Look at the reasons Canadian parasite David Frum offers for opposing the $40 billion tax transfer to Ukraine:

Subtle distinctions between those who oppose Ukraine aid because they affirmatively admire and support Putin, those who oppose the aid because they hate the West and want it to lose, and those who oppose the aid for the crass partisan reason that Biden is doing it.

Notice the option Frum omits: a belief that such a significant expenditure on behalf of a foreign country, possibly entangling us in a war with a nuclear power, is not in America’s interest.

Such a possibility does not occur to Frum because he has no use for America, or Americans, except insofar as we are useful to furthering his crackpot geopolitical schemes.

Putin’s Russia has no global ambitions, let alone the means to achieve them.

I am sympathetic to the cause of Ukrainian independence and cognizant of the threat Russia poses to its neighbors.

But Europe has the means to defend itself. We need that $40 billion here.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Nope, Tom. Russia has global ambitions. It spies on practically every country on the globe. But arguing about it is a waste of time. Read essays regularly provided by the Jamestown Foundation. Or just the news about Russia’s latest attempts to gather information.

By Tom Piatak

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