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By Tom Piatak Although the media continue to predict a Russian attack on Kiev, followed by an attempt to retake the whole of Ukraine, such a full-scale invasion seems very unlikely at this point. Instead, it appears that Vladimir Putin has achieved his objective in Ukraine, without taking any territory he did not already, de facto, control. Despite what the Ukrainian people may or may not want...

Mass Injustice


By Tom Piatak As everyone knows, the Roman Catholic Church has gone through a period of greatly diminished growth, and worse, in the last few decades in the lands it once dominated, defined, and even brought into being, in Western Europe, North America, and even Latin America. And no quick end to this crisis is in sight. To take just one statistic: In the mid-1960s, roughly one third of all...

Happy Columbus Day!


Starting with the dawn, there will be lots of critics of Christopher Columbus buzzing about. Herewith a few thoughts: 1). To those who deprecate his achievement, invite them to get back to you after they’ve set sail with three ships provisioned as Columbus’ were, with the same means of navigation and communication, in uncharted seas, and manage to make landfall anywhere. 2). To those...

Why We Needed R.E. Lee, Crazy Horse, and Other “Losers”


By Tom Piatak We are told ad nauseam that Confederate monuments should come down because we don’t honor those who lost in war and because we don’t honor those who killed Americans. We don’t honor “traitors,” either. BREAKING: Robert E. Lee statue, erected in 1890, removed from its pedestal on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 8...

Neocons, Look in the Mirror


Various neocons are venting over the incompetence of our withdrawal from Kabul, and they are looking for someone to blame. I suggest they grab a mirror: Mission creep set in in Afghanistan because it was seen as a “good war” that could help build support for our misadventure in Iraq, a neocon project par excellence.Another neocon project was to drive President Trump out of the White House and to...

For Francis The Merciful, Back to Year Zero


By Tom Piatak Pope Francis shocked many Catholics when he issued a motu proprio — a document creating laws governing Church life — called Traditionis Custodes on July 16. The subject of the motu proprio is what is commonly called the traditional Latin Mass, namely the version of the Latin Mass that was in effect when the Second Vatican Council began in 1962. After Vatican II, the Latin Mass was...

It’s Still a Grand Old Flag


A popular singer-songwriter I’ve never heard of, Macy Gray, has written an op-ed saying it’s time to replace the American flag. She trots out the now standard leftist tropes about the flag’s not representing all Americans, since it is part of a shameful, irredeemably racist past, and she wants a new flag that is not “divisive” and that all Americans can be proud of...

Also Called June


Confronted by the sheer amount of media hoopla over “Pride Month,” I am reminded of Sam Francis’ quip about another month-long observance of a political agenda that was then being assiduously promoted by the media: “Black History Month, sometimes called February.” What began with “gay pride parades” in a handful of cities is now a month-long celebration...

Our Unpleasant New Religion


The apotheosis of George Floyd leaves little doubt that Wokeism is our new religion. There is literally a shrine to Floyd in Minneapolis, where devotees claim miracles have occurred. The shrine has its own rules, too, rules which make clear the strict racial hierarchy of the new creed: white people are allowed to visit the shrine, but they must be careful to defer to the “BIPOC”...

November 4, 2008, All Over Again


The unsurprising news that a Minneapolis jury voted to convict Derek Chauvin has unleashed a wave of self-congratulatory twaddle about “justice” from the political class unseen since the date mentioned above. Twelve years from now, though, it is likely to mean as little. November 4, 2008 is the date Americans elected a man with the unlikely name of Barack Obama as their president. We...

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