Why Trump Is In Court, Instead Of Preparing For MAGA 2.0


Though the 2020 election results are undecided, they vindicate Sam Francis and Steve Sailer

Despite securing more votes from minorities than any Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960, Donald Trump suffered setbacks among white working-class voters, which cost him victories in the Rust Belt. Had he maintained his level of support from 2016 with this demographic he would be plotting the contours of a second term rather than a legal strategy. 

If Republicans hope to win future national elections, the first step is a proper post-mortem that examines this failure and understands the reasons for it. Scot Olmstead offers that analysis.

The GOP must stop ignoring the “Deplorables” and forge a new coalition that unites the American Remnant with sympathetic minorities and, hopefully, a rising elite that can provide cultural power and sustenance. 

Economic nationalism will glue that coalition together. As Olmstead writes, economic nationalism is “the formula that can express the material interests and cultural values of Middle America and create solidarity among otherwise disparate groups. It is the path forward.”

The time has come for a more radically populist and nationalist critique of the Ruling Class—a Trumpism without Trump.

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  • Very poor analysis – losing the election, but gaining many seats in Congress?

    Relying on Fox for polling data? Would not doubt if they made it all up?

    Biden more tolerable and palatable to blue collar voters? High on the list for blue collar voters: elimination of “birthright citizenship”? How many even in the general population know what that is?

    Look at the Ohio vote – polling data from our reliable pollster ( who predicted a 9% win in 2016 – it was actually 8%) predicted 11% at a minimum and we were back at 8% – our guess is that the left is always refining their stealing of votes, so there was a loss of 3% due to Dominion and other voting pattern aberrations that we noticed. Our SOS, a never Trumper and RINO did a relatively credible job for the election, but refuses to look deeper into the voting system.

    No ability to have systemic across the board voter manipulation or fraud? Where is Olmsted living?

    When the six “battleground” states stop counting and “waiting on the large urban counties to report”….hmmm…..seemingly always last and democrat/leftist controlled ………..

    “Nothing to see here, move on”

    Yes, putting in Jared and Ivanka as “advisors” is/was a huge mistake, but the President economically was generally hitting all the right notes for the people.

    If we allow this type of voting to continue and do not have an Election Day (not a let us drag it out for 6-8 weeks from start to finish with ballots sent our here, there and eveyrwhere), there will never be even the remotest chance of winning in the future?

    I expect more from: Reviews and Relections on Life in America in general and Kirkwood specifically

By R. Cort Kirkwood

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