An Obsolete Alliance Turns 75


by Wayne Allensworth

My most recent article for Chronicles

The next summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is set for July of this year in Washington, D.C., following the 75th anniversary of the alliance’s founding on April 4. The organization’s leading lights will discuss “important issues” and “provide strategic direction” for NATO. The NATO website also explains to curious readers that the organization is devoted to an “understanding” and “awareness” of the “security environment.” Those of us who have grown skeptical of NATO and its intentions can only imagine what this press release verbiage might mean, as an organization established to counter the Soviet threat during the Cold War seems to take its existence and continued interventions for granted.

From where your humble observer stands, the NATO bureaucracy lost the reason for its existence in the early 1990s but carried on anyway, as bureaucracies are prone to do. Today, it seems clear what NATO’s real post-Cold War missions actually are: ensuring its continued existence and expansion and defending certain “democratic values”—that is, imposing what we now know as a “woke” agenda on everyone else. It plays its part in this effort, along with the European Union, the United States government Leviathan, specific international organizations, and globalist activists at the World Economic Forum, or what I like to call “the Davos Politburo”…

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