Tucker gets it—and he’s gone


By Wayne Allensworth

The woke crowd has demanded Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News for some time:

On Friday, Carlson hosted the last installment of his eponymous program. So Leftists have now achieved their aim of deplatforming a man who has dared go beyond the usual GOP talking points by attacking a system that encourages ideologies that can only be described as “demonic.

In a recent speech, Carlson homed in on the impossibility of winning an argument in a system that is no longer based on a set of assumptions about politics that allowed for genuine debate, compromise, and all the usual civic class clichés we learned as children. Why? Because its goal is the destruction of any vestiges of traditional society in post-modern America. Indeed, the urge to destruction itself is its driving force:


I have noted “the end of politics” more than once in this space. To repeat:

 “Politics” are no longer merely about policy, which can be bargained over within a procedural framework that once included shared cultural assumptions, but about the most fundamental moral and social issues, including the legitimacy of the American polity as such, the value of human life, even the definitions of “gender,” “sex,” and “marriage.” These are not issues like tax policy or health care that can conceivably be worked out in committee.

And that means we are fighting essentially a religious battle over issues that cannot be settled through conventional politics. The religion of our opponents—and it is a religion, or an anti-religion, in that one of its aims is to undermine and eventually do away with our Christian religious heritage—is militant globalism, a digital, “post-human” Tower of Babel as its goal. Its enforcement arm is fueled by the existential rage of the “woke” left. The amalgamation of elites and their minions in government, trans-national corporations and institutions, the educational system, mainstream media, and, increasingly, in our churches, that I have dubbed “the Blob” controls the avenues for training and advancement within the system.

What’s more, Carlson correctly noted that they know very well what they are doing, as American Remnant has repeatedly observed:

The powers-that-be are not failing. … They have been wildly successful. They are not incompetent, if by that one means someone who cannot do his job. They are doing the job on us.

The Blob aims to criminalize its opponents. De-platforming will not be enough for it. Its minions in the U.K., for example, have called for jailing social media executives who do not censor “harmful” content on their platforms in a recently proposed bill on “Online Safety.”

I can only re-state how important a priority that mobilizing a Middle American resistance is for our side. We had better prepare ourselves for a long twilight struggle in an increasingly hostile environment.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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