Tucker Carlson on the Demonic and School Shootings


By Wayne Allensworth

It was no surprise to your observer that several initial articles I read on the recent shooting at a Christian school in Nashville did not mention one crucial fact—that the shooter was a “trans person.” As far as I could glean from subsequent mass media accounts, the 28-year-old woman, Audrey Hale, “identified as transgender” and was using male pronouns. She had been grieving the death of an old basketball teammate, was “under care for an emotional disorder,” and, according to police, resented the school she had attended when she was a child. That grief and resentment had become existential rage. And that rage pointed to something else that seems obvious, to me, at any rate. Audrey Hale’s shooting rampage was most likely rooted in a sense that God was responsible for her anguish and suffering. So far, however, the police in Nashville are not telling us what was in the shooter’s “manifesto.” That’s no surprise, either.

Existential rage is encouraged nowadays by the powers-that-be. Both the seething rage of school shooters and the deep, abiding hatred and contempt for ordinary people that drives the managerial globalist class have the same roots. I wrote about those roots in Bowling Alone in Columbine, and in an article I called Pandemonium’s Rebellion. Pandemonium was the place where Milton wrote that Satan and his “infernal peers” sat in council after escaping the Lake of Fire to plan their war against God and His creation. It might as well have been Davos, and Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine shooters, could well have been among Lucifer’s “infernal peers.”

Tucker Carlson is on to this, noting that NPR has encouraged “trans people” to buy guns and, “if necessary,” to use them. Leftist Cenk Uygur said much the same thing, claiming that “right wing lunatics” were going to attack them. Carlson also correctly noted that such psychologically disturbed people, far from being persecuted, are favored by the managerial elite. In short, people, especially young people, are even encouraged to declare themselves “trans.” And parents are lining up their children to be mutilated by “gender affirmation surgery.” Ye shall be as gods, and transforming the very shape of the world, including their sex, is what the managerial high priests tell their disciples they are capable of once they are free of the oppressive bonds of traditional morality and common sense. And those disciples act accordingly.

Carlson is correct to note that Christianity in particular is the natural enemy of such an anti-religion, so it is inevitable that the demon’s rage is directed against it. As Carlson stated, “People who believe they are God do not like be reminded they are not.” In the Nashville shooting, that resulted in the murder of three nine-year-olds and three adults.

Carlson also noted that media propagandists were now blaming the state of Tennessee’s actions to rein in trans lunacy for the shooting. “Anti-trans bias” and “trans misogyny” caused the mass shooting, they say. In fact, as Carlson stated, it is “trans terrorism” that is on the rise, with an increasing number of “trans people” committing mass shootings. Carlson opined, correctly, I think, that many Christian leaders do not want to notice what is happening, as it would mean taking an “unfashionable” position. Thankfully, Carlson called trans mania what it is, “a deranged and demonic ideology.”

This country is spiraling into demonic madness, yet many of us, including people who position themselves as spiritual leaders, remain either frightened or complacent, fearing the loss of their “respectable” status. So, tell me again why I should believe that an election is going to save this situation. The madness is going to get worse, and more blood will be spilled. The stakes are too high to retreat into our private cocoons and pretend this is not happening.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.

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