Globalists Criminalizing Their Opponents


By Wayne Allensworth

The International Criminal Court has charged Russian President Vladimir Putin with war crimes, claiming that Russia has systematically kidnapped Ukrainian children during the conflict in Ukraine. The Russians say children who were orphaned by the war have been cared for as a humanitarian program. I don’t believe the charge, but the case against Putin is no surprise. As noted here  a number of times, Putin and Russia are roadblocks to the globalists’ designs for hegemony. And they are criminalizing resistance to those designs.

No doubt, atrocities have been committed in the Russia-Ukraine war, but the alleged Russian crimes are often exaggerated, and sometimes clearly fabricated. Take October’s tale about supposed Russian “death camps” in Russian-controlled areas. In one instance, the Independent and The Telegraph claimed that the Ukrainians had found a cache of gold teeth that Russians had extracted from Ukrainians. The Independent even included a tweet from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, which  described a “mini-Auschwitz” where the teeth were supposedly found. One German reporter actually did his job and investigated further, only to discover that the gold teeth likely came from a dentist’s office. The Ukrainian propaganda machine, which has been quite effective in this war, was, as they say, having us on, and credulous Westerners were ready to believe it. After all, isn’t Putin the latest Hitler clone?

What’s more, the Ukrainians, have, for instance, been recorded on video shooting Russian prisoners on more than one occasion, but those stories didn’t have any “legs,” and did not incite outrage from the “international community.” The story did not fit the “Ukrainians good guys, Russians bad guys” narrative. And so down it went into the memory hole.

Calling Putin a war criminal is pretty rich coming from a globalist elite that gave us the truly criminal disaster in Iraq, the debacle in Afghanistan, and chaos wherever they have interfered around the globe.

At home, the efforts to indict Donald Trump on criminal charges — any criminal charge — are part of that pattern, as is the continued persecution of the January 6 protestors, while rioters who wreaked havoc on American cities during the “Summer of George Floyd” were given a pass. The globocrats obsess about Trump because, in their eyes, he represents a hostile proletarian mob. Trump is a “patriarchal” figure, a face of the oppressive past, an openly defiant irritant who has disrespected the managerial elite. Your observer has noted that the same globalists obsess about and hate Vladimir Putin in the same way, and for the same reasons. Their war on Putin and Russia is effectively an extension of the war on the American Remnant.

Recently, Seymour Hersh very credibly reported that Washington was behind the explosions that severely damaged the Nordstream pipeline system, which were blamed on Russia, has said much the same thing. In an interview with Chinese CGTN television, Hersh noted that Biden administration officials make all opposition “personal,” and that they are “driven” by a “hatred” of Putin. “They are really out of sorts,” said Hersh, “it makes them do dumb things.” Dumb things and dangerous things.

The globocrats are a collective Ahab. Putin, and here at home, Trump, are the White Whale they are obsessed with destroying. The post-national globalists hatred of Putin in particular, and Russia in general, is visceral, impossible to counter with rational arguments. The same can be said for their hatred of Trump and contempt for us. As the criminalization of their opponents continues, it’s all too clear that we have a hard, and rocky road ahead of us.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.

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