Globalist Totalitarians: Pandemonium’s Rebellion


By Wayne Allensworth

Pandemonium the palace of Satan arises, suddenly built out of the deep: the infernal peers sit there in council…

In George Orwell’s classic novel on the nature of totalitarianism, 1984, O’Brien is the face of the Inner Party that has targeted the hapless Winston Smith for his thought crimes. O’Brien is determined to break Winston, that is, to force him to not only mouth the precepts of doublethink, but also to absorb them, to make them part of his being.

When Winston is arrested, O’Brien explains to his prisoner what is happening and why. O’Brien asks Winston whether he knows where he is. Winston replies that he is at the “Ministry of Love.” Then O’Brien asks Winston if he knows why he is at the Ministry of Love, that is, why people are brought there, and Winston replies, “To make them confess.” O’Brien tells Winston to try again. Winston, struggling for an answer, says that they are there to be punished. “No!,” exclaims O’Brien.

And then O’Brien explains to Winston why he is at the Ministry of Love:

Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane!…We are not interested in the those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act; the thought is what we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies. We change them.

And change Winston he does.

Even before the terrified Winston Smith is subjected to the exquisite tortures of Room 101, he picks up his pencil to write 



And, finally, in a stroke of inspired reasoning, he concludes that


Winston is well on his way to being “cured.” In the end, once he has assimilated the concept of power as a transcendent force that shapes the universe, he can’t help but love Big Brother.

1984 is about metaphysics as much as the mechanics, instruments, and aims of totalitarians. Control of language, history, economics, war and peace, are among the means the Party uses to shape thought, for every deviation in thought is a potential threat to its total power. The Party is about power in its most elemental sense. The Party is god and god is power.

The only peace for Winston, for all who work under the watchful eye of Big Brother, is the desert the Party makes and calls “peace.” O’Brien uses torture to reinforce the “crimestop” psychological mechanism that prevents Winston from “noticing” obvious truths, which should seem quite familiar to us.

If only Orwell could have foreseen social media and its ability to shape — or warp — mass consciousness, maybe even he would have seen that physical torture wasn’t always, or ever, necessary. Today’s Twitter mob is a collective O’Brien, but one that reflects the feminized nature of post-modern totalitarianism. It is a hectoring, preening, subversive Nurse Ratched, one men, especially conservative men, find hard to counter, as there is no direct clash with a masculine O’Brien. A fight with the Twitter mob is an exhausting psychological struggle against a devouring mother that is the flip side of the maternal, nurturing element in the feminine, just as the tyrannical overlord O’Brien represents the dark side of paternal authority. 

O’Brien’s might makes right, and as an unnamed George W. Bush administration official (the quote is widely attributed to Karl Rove) once told journalist Ron Suskind: “We are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” When O’Brien tells Winston that the law of gravity is nonsense, that, if he wished, he could float off the floor like a “soap bubble,” psychological conditioning (“crimestop”) blocks Winston’s rejection of O’Brien’s mad assertion:

He pushed the thought under instantly. It presupposed that somewhere or another, outside oneself, there was a ‘real’ world where ‘real’ things happened. But how could there be such a world? What knowledge have we of anything, save through our own minds? All happenings are in the mind. Whatever happens in all minds truly happens.

In 1984, we are approaching post modernism’s insistence that power determines all social relations, defining reality itself. The Party has deconstructed the past, which was allegedly the construct of an oppressive element, in current parlance, “the patriarchy.” And now, in the name of the “oppressed,” the Party asserts its own power construction in the name of “justice.” 

Yet O’Brien’s assertion of raw power (“god is power”), as suggestive of our present dystopia as it is, does not encompass the whole of our quandary. O’Brien, as he himself noted, is not out to do anything more than to destroy the Party’s enemies by conditioning them, making them “sane” and “clean” in the Party’s eyes. There can be no brakes, no limits on the Party’s power. Power itself is the entire program of 1984’s totalitarian regime. O’Brien coolly tells Winston “The Party seeks power for its own sake.… Power is not a means; it is an end.”

There is no rage in O’Brien, no urge to annihilate creation itself, and such rage is at the very heart of globalist totalitarianism, manifest most markedly in its “woke” ideology. Rage represents the seat of the Luciferian impulse in revolutionary ideology and always has.

O’Brien seems accessibly human, if cruel and oppressive, by comparison.

The source of existential rage was poetically rendered in Milton’s Paradise Lost, wherein Satan and his minions reject the authority of God, essentially any limits or constraints on them, and escape the Lake of Fire to the meeting place of the demonic fallen angels, Pandemonium. The demons proclaim their “immortal hate” for God, pledging “never to submit or yield.” Satan and his minions carry on their “dubious battle” with God Himself, seeking the subversion of God’s creation, for ordered creation, Being itself, cannot exist without boundaries. There can be no purpose or meaning, either, in a world of pandemonium.

This is the twisted spirit that is at the heart of globalism.

The urge to destroy, even to self-annihilation, lurks in that rebellious heart. That rebellion has spawned a culture of resentment and victimhood that fuels the global revolution.

Nations must be deconstructed. Words like “citizen” and “American” lose their meaning. Borders must come down. A “universal nation” isn’t anything, or anywhere, at all, and that’s the point.

In 1984, the Party seeks to desexualize human relations, at least within its ranks. Sexual intercourse is necessary for procreation, but the sexual urge and romantic love distract from the Party’s goal of total power. 

In globalist totalitarianism, we are confronted by something closer to Brave New World’s clinical test tube babies, while the system’s drones are free to indulge a sterile sensuality. Yet even that sensuality is limited to heterosexual relations. There is no bizarre alphabet soup of “genders” and “orientations” in Huxley’s version of dystopia.

Pandemonium’s rebellion, however, has targeted sexual morality as a key point of its attack on the society and, indeed, the world it resents, and for good reason. The human sex drive is powerful, elemental, even chaotic and destructive if unchecked. To channel it toward a constructive role in building and maintaining civilization, it must be directed toward marriage and family. Breaking down those constraints has gone a long way toward the goal of deconstructing civilization and establishing the globalist/woke alliance’s reign in an earthly Hell. In a world without meaning, the masses are left to numb themselves in Internet echo chambers, by unchecked sexual saturnalia, narcotic fantasies, or in some cases, the homicidal, and suicidal, rage of the mass shooter.

With each limitation destroyed by the revolution, another must follow.

Globalist/woke ideology dictates that nothing can hinder the “progress” from sexual revolution to transsexualism to “Minor Attracted Persons” and on to a trans-human future, in which the sacred essence of humanity itself is attacked. The globalist managerial class and its militant woke arm are partners in the crimes they have committed and plan to commit in the name of their dystopian vision. They have made a decision to make evil their good, all the while cloaking their subversion as compassion in a manner the Ministry of Love would have appreciated. The goal buried not so deeply beneath the surface is the destruction of a natural hierarchy at the center of creation, an axis mundi that connects heaven and earth.

In a recent speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced globalism’s attempts at hegemony imposed by ideological and physical coercion, a conflict directed against nations, confessions, traditions, and civilization. He referred to this as a religion of sorts, one that had been turned on its head. This anti-religion represented what Putin called “open Satanism,” an evil that Russia and many others, including people in the West, he noted, oppose with every fiber of their being and understanding. In denouncing “trans-sexualism” and the notion of numerous “genders,” Putin asked, “Do we want that for our country and our children?” This is the fruit of the “empire of lies” he once said was determined to overturn the world. An empire that represents what Putin described as “the negation of the human person.” He noted that “by their fruits you will know them,” and that those “poisoned fruits” were obvious to all who can see. 

Whatever one thinks of Putin, it is not he who is erasing our borders. It’s not Putin who is overwhelming the American population with a tidal wave of “migrants” meant to replace us, nor is he allowing a constant flow of drugs into our country. He is not responsible for the decline in life expectancy in the “land of the free,” the epidemic of “deaths of despair,” or the “cancel culture” that attacks our liberties. It’s not Putin who is trying to impose “Critical Race Theory” on our children. He is not responsible for the crime wave sweeping over our country. It’s not the Russian president who is legitimizing sexual deviancy or justifying the “transitioning” of children. Nor is he trying to undermine parental authority or subvert the very idea of differences between the sexes. It’s not Putin who is tearing down monuments to the heroes of our past or rewriting our history. It’s not Putin who is advancing an anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-human agenda. He is not behind the “empire of lies” that has labelled millions of patriotic Americans threats to “our democracy.” He has not stood behind “regime-change” operations in the far corners of the earth, nor is he responsible for the waste of American lives and treasure on globalist adventures in distant lands. The sea of blood spilled by our “leaders” since the supposed end of the Cold War telegraphs the true intentions of the globalist machine.

As noted in this space numerous times, the globalists’ determination to destroy Putin and subordinate Russia to its will is but an extension of their war on us. The two have been linked ever since Donald Trump was cast as a Russian agent and those who doubted that lie as Russian “bots.” If Russia can effectively resist the globalists, that could shake the very foundations of their rotten and evil system. It’s up to us to resist here at home.

As far as perversity and Satanism go, here are some of the bizarre specimens who hold positions in the Biden administration:

“Rachel” Levine and Sam Brinton

And Biden’s “Monkeypox Czar” Dr. Demetre Daskalakis (H/T to Rod Dreher) as described by National Pulse:

Daskalakis is known for his efforts in the world of HIV and other diseases affecting the LGBTQ+ community, having attended New York University Medical School, followed by a residency, fellowship, and additional masters degree from Harvard Medical School. In an interview with The Atlantic in 2014, he said “I learned my bedside manner from East Village drag queens.” He attended Columbia University as an undergraduate and was a “general and religion double major.” Raised by Greek Orthodox immigrants in Arlington, Virginia, a review of Dr. Daskalakis’s social media presence reveals a penchant for pentagrams and other Satanic symbolism.

That’s Dr. Daskalakis on the right, with his “husband,” who is wearing a crown of thorns:

Together they founded a “Satanic gym” called “The Monster Cycle.” As Dreher noted in his American Conservative blog:

Somebody said on Twitter the other day that QAnon types freak out over the idea that the state is run by a Satanic cabal, and we all laugh at that … but then the president appoints to high office a gay sadomasochist who presents himself as a Satanist...

I’m not laughing.

It’s not alarmist to point this out. Our people are not alarmed enough.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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