With SCOTUS Leak, The Real Insurrection Has Begun


By Tom Piatak

When Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, this country’s Never Trump Elites were floating on a sea of smug self-righteousness and self-congratulation. “The adults” were back in charge.  “Democracy” was saved. A great danger was averted. Prime exhibit of that danger: the “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, when a small number of Trump supporters, who were part of a larger protest against what many believed was a stolen election, entered the U.S. Capitol, staged a few acts of genuine vandalism and violence, milled about the Rotunda, and went home. They could never have seized power, or even influenced anyone who had power.

Let’s recall what else was happening at the time. America was largely at peace and as prosperous as a country beset by a pandemic could be. Despite his many flaws, Donald Trump had started no new wars, helped solidify America’s energy independence, oversaw a growing economy that, until the pandemic, was generating new jobs, more income growth at the bottom than the top, and propelling Wall Street to new heights. And even after the pandemic hit, Americans continued to enjoy the benefits of Trump’s domestic and foreign policies: gas that cost about $2 a gallon, and a nearly inflation-free economy.

Well, now that the “adults” are back in charge, gas is almost $5 a gallon, inflation is at Carteresque levels, American moms can’t buy baby food or formula, the stock market is teetering, and the man they call Brandon is risking a nuclear war we avoided during a long Cold War against a far more powerful and dangerous adversary than Putin’s Russia.

But still worse than every other problem President Biden and his “adults” have created, they have spawned a genuine insurrection. That insurrection began when someone maliciously and malevolently leaked the draft of a major decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to the news media.

The Leak

That draft, in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson, went to Politico, which claimed that a one-vote majority of the court would join Associate Justice Samuel Alito in overturning Roe v. Wade, 1973’s decision that struck down abortion laws in all 50 states. The majority was reported to include Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanagh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch. All five are Republican appointees, and four of the five are practicing Roman Catholics. (Though a baptized Catholic and Jesuit high school grad, Gorsuch drifted into Episcopalianism). Politico also reported that Chief Justice Roberts, the court’s remaining Republican appointee, and also a practicing Catholic, wants to broker a compromise ruling that would allow restrictions on abortion while retaining a Constitutional right to abortion.

This unprecedented leak has already done more damage to republican governance than all the actions of the “insurrectionists” who marched through the generally open doors of the U.S. Capitol on January 6. That ragtag bunch was never going to accomplish anything except establishing its own infamy — and impotence. The unknown  leaker has already undermined, perhaps permanently, the trust and privacy that enables SCOTUS to function reasonably well in most cases, despite the justices’ sharp ideological differences. 

Nor did the insurrection stop there. It soon included mobs, gathering at night at the homes of justices and their families to scream obscenities and invective. The aim of the leaker and his nocturnal accomplices are clear enough: to frighten one of the five justices who support Alito’s masterful opinion into changing his or her vote.

At this writing, amazingly enough, President Biden, through spokesman Jen Psaki, supports the nightly rages at the justices’ homes. That same spokesman also indicated that Biden supports no legal restriction on abortion — up until the moment of birth.

Though trying to intimidate a judge is a federal felony, not a single person has been arrested for gathering outside justices’ homes and shouting all manner of abuse. And Virginia, by the way, forbids private protests at a private residence. But beyond that and more importantly, the rhetoric of Democrats has become hopelessly shrill. No longer is abortion defended as a tragic necessity in difficult situations. Instead, it is defended and indeed praised as a positive good, with numerous women announcing their willingness to murder unborn children whose humanity they fully recognize. 

Nor is SCOTUS the only target of this unhinged rage. Various groups have declared their intent to disrupt Catholic Masses, desecrate the Blessed Sacrament, and otherwise vandalize and violate the churches built by people with names like Scalia, Alito, Kavanaugh, and, yes, Piatak, too. A group calling itself Jane’s Revenge tried to firebomb, and then set fire to, the headquarters of a pro-life organization in Wisconsin.

Frum And Rubin

And what about the “adults” who excoriated Trump and worship Biden?

The self-appointed conscience of America, Canadian parasite David Frum, is slyly excusing the angry mobs gathering at the homes of Supreme Court justices. On May 8, Frum tweeted the following:

Don’t picket judges at home. It’s wrong.

Don’t refuse to schedule votes on presidential supreme court nominees. That’s wrong too.

Even if you think a Senator’s questions are unfair or intrusive — don’t lie in your testimony. That’s wrong as well.

And wrongs add up.

Frum not so subtly suggests intimidating justices so they change an opinion is perfectly acceptable in the “democracy” to which he claims to be committed. He also minimizes what is happening at justices’ homes by calling it a “picket,” a term that conjures up a pair of overweight, middle-aged men lazily carrying signs during a strike no one cares about, not a howling mob filled with hate and screaming curses and abuse.

I guarantee that if “pickets” of that ilk showed up outside Frum’s mansion he would stain his pants, run to his panic room, and hide there until the police had removed them.

Even worse than Frum is Jennifer Rubin, who has not criticized the mobs. In her column in The Washington Post, she declared that overturning Roe would constitute “religious tyranny” and once again denounced any conception of America as a “White, Christian” nation.

The insurrection we are witnessing is not merely a threat to the rule of law. It is also an increasingly clear expression of the passions driving a political movement that despises America’s past and all who treasure it, hates the Christian faith and all who follow it, and holds as its core belief the unfettered right to kill children at any time, for any reason, up to the moment of birth, and even, at times, afterward.

God bless America. We have never needed it more.

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  • The Federal law the author references is crystal clear and applies to specifically to situations like this. Thus, Psaki and her ilk actively encourages these foul-mouthed hooligans to commit a felony. Incidentally, among other cases, this law, had it been enforced as it should have been, would have a caused a mistrial in the Derek Chauvin case. We clearly have a different set of rules depending one’s political beliefs. It is only a matter of time before the side playing by the rules and getting shafted, will respond as normal people do when they have finally had enough.

By AR Editor

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