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With the United States of America Controlled by Radical Leftists, What Does “Patriotism” Mean?


By Wayne Allensworth The old America many of us remember fondly has died of a theory — the theory of radical egalitarianism manifested since the 1960’s as the “blank slate” view of human nature. Sensible people acknowledge — or at least quietly admit to themselves — that social-economic disparities among racial and ethnic groups are most likely the natural result of differences in the abilities...

Republican “Transgenders”: The Dems are the Real Transphobes!


By Wayne Allensworth I have to admit, the California governor’s race is going to be quite amusing, with Republicans accepting “Caitlyn” as one of their own—next thing you know, they’ll have Tim Scott (the Dems are the real racists!) paired with “Caitlyn” (the Dems are the real transphobes!) to reply to Biden’s speeches. The post-American black comedy continues.  Wayne Allensworth is a...

Conservative “Trans” Mania


By Wayne Allensworth After the “conservative case for gay marriage” and the “conservative case for transgender rights,” James Kirkpatrick, probably correctly, assumes that we will soon be subjected to the “conservative case for Critical Race Theory,” as well. Well, what’s to stop it? If alleged conservatives can accept “transgender rights,”...

Story’s End


By Wayne Allensworth He wanders among his progeny, lilting subtly as he walks, occasionally slowing to a shuffle on the worn carpet. Sometimes he points his cane at a chair or at a picture, at something, and asks “Does anybody want this?” And sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, he shakes his head in disbelief. “I thought somebody’d get that for...

Tucker Goes There: The Great Replacement


By Wayne Allensworth Well, almost there. For understandable reasons, Tucker Carlson had to pretend the Great Replacement is about “voting rights,” which is partly true, but he did not specify just whose voting rights the powers-that-be really aim to diminish. If you get that part of it, then it’s clear just who is slated for replacement, and why the globalist Blob goes ballistic...

The White Disease


By Wayne Allensworth If you have not noticed by now, dear reader, a fundamental theme in leftist/globalist discourse is “whiteness,” and how that condition is the cause of practically all the world’s problems.  Wokeness in power means anti-”whiteness,” and the leftist mob takes every opportunity it can to demonize unreconstructed white people who have not yet denounced themselves and...

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