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The White Disease


By Wayne Allensworth If you have not noticed by now, dear reader, a fundamental theme in leftist/globalist discourse is “whiteness,” and how that condition is the cause of practically all the world’s problems.  Wokeness in power means anti-”whiteness,” and the leftist mob takes every opportunity it can to demonize unreconstructed white people who have not yet denounced themselves and...

Joe Sobran’s Real Transgression


By American Remnant Declan Leary admires the late Joe Sobran, who passed on ten years ago. Mr. Leary used most of a recent article he wrote for The American Conservative to praise Sobran’s many gifts and insights. Leary, for instance, called Joe Sobran “a rare talent, fueled by a remarkable mind.” He described Sobran’s writing as “unmatched” for its...

The Texas Power Grid Disaster: Only the Beginning?


By Wayne Allensworth The sun is shining now, and the snow and ice are melting.  I managed to take a walk around my neighborhood this weekend, something I haven’t been able to do for a while as a result of the “polar vortex” that wreaked havoc in my native state. The power grid broke down under the strain, homes were left without electricity, pipes burst, and water treatment plants stopped...

Middle American Resistance, Nullification, and the Purge of the Military


By Wayne Allensworth In earlier pieces on Middle American Resistance (see here and here, for instance), your humble servant wrote that gun control could be the issue that galvanizes that resistance.  From counties to whole states, a showdown with the globalist Blob has been shaping up over what may be the bridge too far Middle America won’t allow to be crossed. Under front man Biden, the...

Why do conservatives always lose?


By Wayne Allensworth In my lifetime, social trends have inexorably tracked leftward. In a very short time in historical terms, our society’s popular culture, for instance, veered from The Andy Griffith Show to RuPaul’s Drag Race at a disorienting pace.  For every apparently good bit of news—divorce rates are down, for instance—we find a dark cloud behind a false silver lining: there are...

We’re All Charlottesville Now


By Carolina Contrarian The debacle at the United States Capitol building last January 6th is still being analyzed and debated, but we can already see the shape the fallout is taking. Nancy Pelosi recently claimed that the rioters “chose their Whiteness over democracy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger likened the event to a Nazi attack. A chorus of left-wing politicians, and some supposedly...

Died of a Theory: What happened to the Old America?


By Wayne Allensworth “If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on its tombstone: ‘Died of a Theory.’”—Jefferson Davis The United States of America is as dead as a doornail. Yes, a geographic body bears that name on maps, but like the term “American,” it has been drained of any substance.  The globalists and their leftist allies have made sure of that.  For decades, they...

Remembering Robert E. Lee on his Birthday


The following article was originally published by Chronicles Magazine in August, 2017: After Lee: Charlottesville and Beyond By Wayne Allensworth Was it for thisThat on that April day we stacked our armsObedient to a soldier’s trust? To lieGround by the heels of little men,Forever maimed, defeated, impugned? —Donald Davidson, “Lee in the Mountains” There are times when I feel as though I’ve...

Identity in Black and White


By Wayne Allensworth For some time now, the powers-that-be have denied the American ethnos, what we call “the American Remnant,” any positive identity.  They acknowledge only a negative identity for our people: We are slandered as a pack of “racists” who, even without being conscious of it, supposedly cause stress, anxiety, and even premature death among “people of color.” The left has...

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