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Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

Political Orphans


It is clear that to many Republican politicians and conservative scribblers, the 75,000,000 of us who voted for Donald Trump are every bit as deplorable as he is. That is why they are so eager to impeach Trump days before he leaves office, without giving any thought at all to what the millions who voted for Trump want. There would be no need to remove Trump from office mere days before his term...

Worse than A Crime


What happened in Washington yesterday was worse than a crime, it was a blunder. Despite the decibel level of the denunciations, no one was in fact more pleased by yesterday’s events than the members of the bipartisan establishment who view it as their opportunity to discredit the only force in American politics they genuinely fear–populist nationalism–for good. Whether that in...

Putting Americans Last


I can understand voting against a $2000 check for most Americans on the grounds of fiscal prudence, though I would have voted the other way. What I cannot understand is voting against money for ordinary Americans while also voting for the bloated defense budget, with billions for special interests, including favored foreign causes that do nothing for Americans. That is the very opposite of...

Trump Puts Americans First


President Trump is rightly threatening to veto the so-called stimulus bill, which contains lots of money for foreign countries and other favored Beltway causes, but only $600 checks for ordinary Americans who have been greatly harmed by the pandemic and the attendant social and economic disruption. Trump is asking Congress to increase the amount to $2000. This is called putting America and...

The Hysteria Worked. For Now.


Despite breathless warnings about Trump being a dictator, in the end the man 1) started no wars, 2) did not initiate any prosecutions of political opponents, and 3) did not use the IRS to take away the tax-exempt status of organizations opposed to his worldview. His immediate predecessor did all of that, and more. Nor did he attempt a coup d’etat to retain power. He filed lawsuits, just...

VT Day


Yesterday, neocon warmonger Max Boot, still angry at Trump for being the first President since Jimmy Carter not to start a new war, exulted in Trump’s media-proclaimed defeat and pronounced it VT Day,or the day to celebrate the victory over Trump. Many others joined in. As with the BLM protesters, media admonitions about face masks and social distancing were forgotten, and an indulgent...

Shut Up, They Say


Al Gore challenged the result of the 2000 election until December 13, 2000, including challenging the actions of the Florida Secretary of State. There have been several anomalies brought to light concerning the handling and counting of ballots in the 2020 presidential election. Trump has the same right Al Gore did to use the legal system to seek explanations for those anomalies. All the...

More is at Stake Than Manners


Donald Trump is often boastful, frequently coarse, even vulgar. He is not a model of virtue, or decorum, or even good manners. As a result, many people who have voted for Republican presidential candidates in the past plan on voting for Joe Biden. This impulse is certainly understandable. But it may not be wise. The Democrats have given many signals that they view this election as the chance to...

At a Morning Mass in France


This morning, a Muslim murdered three people at morning Mass, in Nice, in France. One of the worshippers, a 70 year old woman, was apparently beheaded. These people were killed for one reason alone: they were Catholics. Such a thing is beyond my comprehension. Also beyond my comprehension is this: the lack of anger among so many of my fellow Catholics, including among our bishops. What happened...

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