The Hysteria Worked. For Now.


Despite breathless warnings about Trump being a dictator, in the end the man 1) started no wars, 2) did not initiate any prosecutions of political opponents, and 3) did not use the IRS to take away the tax-exempt status of organizations opposed to his worldview. His immediate predecessor did all of that, and more.

Nor did he attempt a coup d’etat to retain power. He filed lawsuits, just like Al Gore did.

Similarly, despite all the wailing about how violent Trump supporters are, there have been numerous gatherings of Trump supporters since the election. These people believe the election was stolen. Despite this, they did not riot, did not loot, and did not assault political opponents. The only violence at these rallies was the result of attacks by Antifa on Trump supporters.

The hysteria surrounding Trump from the beginning has been entirely unjustified. And it has now achieved its end, returning power to a bipartisan establishment that has done incalculable damage to America even as it has enriched itself.

In other words, the hysteria worked. For now. But millions of Americans won’t soon forget what they have learned about the true nature of our self-proclaimed betters.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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By Tom Piatak

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