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Yesterday, neocon warmonger Max Boot, still angry at Trump for being the first President since Jimmy Carter not to start a new war, exulted in Trump’s media-proclaimed defeat and pronounced it VT Day,or the day to celebrate the victory over Trump.

Many others joined in. As with the BLM protesters, media admonitions about face masks and social distancing were forgotten, and an indulgent media portrayed this as an occasion that all could, and maybe, should celebrate.

Those putting the emphasis on “should” included Never Trumpers Jennifer Rubin and Rick Wilson, who warned of various types of vengeance against Trump supporters.

We Trump supporters are, no doubt, guilty of many offenses. We believe things the media fact-checkers tell us aren’t true. We live in places that the generally affluent revelers on VT Day could never conceive of visiting, much less living. The list could go on.

But at least Trump supporters have never acted like they just emerged from four years of Nazi occupation, which is both ridiculously untrue and highly insulting, since it makes roughly 70 million of their fellow Americans into Nazis, or Nazi sympathizers.

It’s difficult to take seriously pleas for national unity against the backdrop of celebrations that make all too clear that those of us who backed Trump still are, and always will be, Deplorable.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • One thing is certainly true: The standing of Boot, Rubin, Kristol, etc. with the establishment will never in the least bit be diminished by the catastrophic consequences of the Middle Eastern wars they have pushed this country into over the last thirty years. The contempt they have for the people who fought those wars, and in many cases lost so much, is barely concealed. They likely will migrate back to the Republican party and they just as likely will be welcomed back. Their legacy is death, destruction and bankruptcy. They won’t be finished until America is completely ruined.

By Tom Piatak

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