So Barack Obama has emerged to condemn the President and, by implication, those who voted for him, to great media acclaim.

Obama is not just another self-professed servant of the people who grew to be phenomenally rich in politics. Or a supposed victim of racism who would today be a little known law professor somewhere if it were not for both blacks and whites voting for him for strictly racial reasons, the former out of racial pride and the latter seeking an elusive absolution for a deep sense of racial guilt that was not sated by Obama’s election and reelection and will not be sated by the current paroxysms of the BLM phenomenon.

Nor is he simply another hypocrite who simultaneously builds a career around race while doing all he can to avoid exposing himself and his family to the black proletariat by living in Martha’s Vineyard and a multimillion dollar mansion in DC and by sending his children to expensive private schools and not the public schools he recommends for the rest of us.

Obama is all those things. But he is also the embodiment of the elite class that never accepted the election of 2016, that hates those who had the temerity to reject that class in the voting booth that year, and that wants to take revenge on the voters who rejected it and make any future rejection impossible.

So it is highly significant that Obama jetted out of Martha’s Vineyard to denounce the filibuster as a racist relic of Jim Crow. In point of fact, the filibuster emerged to protect political minorities from the tyranny of the majority. That Obama is targeting the filibuster tells us that his class expects to regain power in 2020 and intends to use that power against the people Obama dismissed as bitter clingers, Hillary denounced as Deplorables, and Biden condemns as immoral.

A hard rain is going to fall, if Barack has his way.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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By Tom Piatak

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