Organizing Middle American Resistance: Who Will Take the Next Step?


Texas Freedom Force Members Defend the Alamo

By: Wayne Allensworth

Ignore the bogus claims of a popular “resistance” to President Trump’s “tyranny.”

A real resistance is rising against the anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian pseudo-religion that threatens the safety, property, and historic rights of America’s core population. Here in my native Texas, armed citizens rallied to defend the Alamo, cradle of Texas independence and forge of Texan identity, from a leftist mob. And in the leftist blue heaven of our state capital, Austin, an armed motorist shot and killed an AK-47 toting terrorist who, together with his riotous BLM co-mobsters, was blocking a city thoroughfare. The good citizens of Weatherford stopped an attack on a Confederate monument. 

Texans are fighting back, and likely won’t be the only Americans to do so.

Three Hopeful Signs

After leftist protestors defaced the Cenotaph at the Alamo in San Antonio, armed Texans who love their home and history showed up to protect the sacred site where Travis, Bowie, and Crockett held off Santa Anna’s army for 13 days.

The men call themselves the Texas Freedom Force, although the San Antonio Express-News, of course, tried to defame them as right-wing extremists, and the leftist Daily Beast claimed threats against the shrine to Texas liberty were bogus.

Nonetheless, the Texans sent a message. Even Sen. Ted Cruz was incensed: “Come and take it,” he tweeted.

In Austin, the late and lamented BLMer, one Garrett Foster, had bragged on social media about toting his Russian rifle. A photo shows him approaching the car, which BLMers had surrounded and were reportedly pounding, with that rifle. The car’s driver, who turned himself in, naturally felt threatened and opened fire.  

No one should rejoice over Foster’s death. But one hopes it sends a message. The leftists blocking motorists and destroying cities should not expect people to simply watch their vehicles and property go up in flames, or the monuments of which they are justifiably proud be defaced and torn down.

In Weatherford, county seat of Parker County, Texas, a group of that fair city’s residents have had enough of leftist terrorists defacing and destroy monuments that honor our ancestors and the treasured history of our native land. When self-styled “progressives” demanded the removal of yet another Confederate statue at the county courthouse, counter protestors audaciously pushed back.

The benighted Fort Worth Star Telegram, a rag eager to prove its “journalists” can propagandize with the best of them, reported that 75 leftists, including BLMers, marched from a city park to the county courthouse on July 25. They planned a “protest,” which is leftist code for “tear down a ‘racist’ statue.”

But counter protesters showed up to rain on the leftist parade. Doing its level best to portray the good guys in the worst possible light, the Star-Telegram reported that they shouted “racial slurs,” and, even worse, some carried Confederate battle flags! A “progressive” called the good guys an “armed militia,” apparently a bad thing if the “militia” in question isn’t a gang of BLM terrorists. Two of the “progressives” compared the harmless clash to — what else? — “Charlottesville,” as well as a KKK rally. “Hate” was in the air!

Given the Left’s record of lies and distortions — with the mainstream media acting as the propaganda arm of the globalist Blob — color me skeptical of the State Telegram’s account. Still, to its credit, even if buried at the end of an article in the edition of July 27, the newspaper duly reported that the counter protestors included Jim Webster, a former county commissioner and businessman.

An eminently respectable citizen, Mr. Webster had the temerity to appear among the counter protestors with a “mock jail,” mounted on a trailer, depicting Bill and Hillary Clinton in prison stripes. The display similarly depicted Barack Obama, the leading sacred figure in the leftist pantheon until George Floyd eclipsed him as the new Messiah.  And — brace yourselves, dear readers — the display included this blasphemy: “All Lives Matter.” 

Surprisingly given its bias, the Star Telegram included Mr. Webster’s views. He and other citizens showed up to defend the statue, which with good reason they feared the leftists would attack. They wanted to “tell us how to run our lives,” he told the newspaper. Mr. Webster further observed that both sides were armed, but no one was seriously hurt. He described the situation as “explosive,” and explained who started the confrontation: “They came to us. … We didn’t go to them. We didn’t start anything.” 

Weatherford’s people, Mr. Webster continued, “won’t put up with being bullied.” Indeed, Mr. Webster, the good people of Weatherford are not alone. Many of us won’t put up with it.

There was talk that the statue, which belongs to the United Daughters of The Confederacy, would be moved when they can raise the funds, which at least meant the residents of Weatherford had prevented Leftists from destroying it. But, in a remarkable move, on Thursday county commissioners voted unanimously to leave the statue where it is. [STAYING PUT: County votes to keep Confederate monument on lawn, by Autumn Owens, Weatherford Democrat,  July 30, 2020]

Time To Organize

These counter-protests are just one healthy sign of a coalescing, but as yet unorganized and uncoordinated Middle American resistance, to the leftist-globalist Blob’s aggressive attack. It wants to destroy our country, our people, our culture, and our history to demoralize us, then assert totalitarian control over our lives. 

Indeed, the seeds of a full-blown counter revolution are scattered around the country … in the police officers who came down with the “blue flu” in Atlanta … in the truckers who have declared they won’t deliver to cities that defund the police … in county sheriffs who have defied gun-grabbing state governments …. in the popular resistance to draconian gubernatorial “mask” decrees … in rumblings of counties from California to Virginia about secession from tyrannical metropolitan areas … in numerous individual acts of self-defense, like that of the man who shot Garrett Foster or the men who defended the Alamo.

The next step? A leader, or group of leaders, must organize these scattered resisters and counter the Blob through coordinated and purposeful action. The strategic objective is defending our people by carving out havens for Middle Americans to live their lives as they see fit. It will not be easy. The Blob’s militant wing, BLM and Antifa, enjoys enormous financial, media, and official support. The “Deep State” will back whatever outrage they carry out and smear those of us who fight back. 

Yet we have “boots on the ground,” and our people are learning that our collective back is against the wall. We have a chance to salvage something for ourselves and our posterity. Logically, Donald Trump should help organize the resisters, but your humble servant doubts his strategic thinking and organizational abilities.

Who, then, will take the next step?

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

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