Middle American Resistance, Nullification, and the Purge of the Military


By Wayne Allensworth

In earlier pieces on Middle American Resistance (see here and here, for instance), your humble servant wrote that gun control could be the issue that galvanizes that resistance.  From counties to whole states, a showdown with the globalist Blob has been shaping up over what may be the bridge too far Middle America won’t allow to be crossed.

Under front man Biden, the Blob is preparing to attempt to cross that bridge. The aim, of course, is not to halt the recent surge in “gun violence.”  That would mean throwing more black criminals in jail, wrecking the Blob’s “white supremacist” threat narrative.  The aim is to disarm us, the people the globalists really fear

County sheriffs, other county level officials, state governments, and towns and cities around the country have refused to enforce gun control measures in “2nd Amendment sanctuary” zones.  In January, after a number of Texas counties had done just that, Governor Greg Abbot stated that he wanted Texas to become a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state so that “no government official at any level” could infringe Texans’ 2nd Amendment rights. 

Nullification is a key weapon in Middle America’s fight for survival. 

The states are resisting on other fronts as well.  Texas, for instance, had previously sued the federal government over the Biden administration’s intention to end immigration enforcement, and is at it again. Gun control may be the emotional trigger that sets off Middle American resistance, but it is mass immigration that has been the Blob’s indispensable weapon of mass destruction in its war on “deplorable” America.  We must act to preserve a sanctuary for our people if they are to have any future at all.

The key question is what the Blob intends to do about all this, but the administration’s intention to purge the military may tell us something. As noted in this space previously, the “boots on the ground” are largely on our side, so it’s no surprise that the Blob is targeting “extremists” in uniform. 

Don’t expect any help from bogus “populists” in the national level GOP—and we should not take it for granted that Republican “beautiful losers” at any level are completely trustworthy.

Wayne Allensworth is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

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