Do Not be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis” Part II


By Wayne Allensworth

Prior to the Russian invasion, I stated my position regarding Ukraine on this website. In a piece for Chronicles, I elaborated on the why the anti-Russian media hysteria was misleading and misdirecting the attention of the American Remnant:

“Post-Communist Russia is not our enemy, but Washington and the global oligarchs are. It is not Vladimir Putin who is dissolving our borders, rendering American citizenship meaningless, and supporting Antifa/BLM radicals. It is not Putin who is seeking to suppress political dissent in the U.S. or censoring Washington’s critics. It is not Putin who is promoting critical race theory in our schools or browbeating us about an invisible and ill-defined structural racism. It is not Putin who is attempting to defame American history, destroy our historic monuments, and promote ‘gender fluidity’ to our children.

What can ‘national security’ mean to a regime that is attempting to erase the nation itself? The great games of Metternich, Talleyrand, and Kissinger are over. It’s long past time that we understand that a subversive, anti-American ruling elite has replaced America’s old governing system, and that this successor system treats America as an occupied zone of a global empire.

For us, ‘national security’ means working to preserve the remnants of our country, ourselves as a people, and cultural space for us to live as we see fit.

Unfortunately, the virtual reality created by a 24-hour news cycle, bolstered by a torrent of often false, partial, or misleading information has been quite successful in its main tasks: Telling us what we are supposed to think and what we are supposed to think about.

It’s quite disturbing to encounter friends, neighbors, and relations who, despite years of lies and insults directed at them by mass media, are still so easily distracted, so easily directed to focus all their attention on whatever the globalist Blob (the Swamp/Deep State/Brussels/ corporate/media/Davos nexus) choses.

What is most often missing in the “fake news” to which we are subjected is context, historical (as I attempted to explain in two previous pieces) and in contemporary terms. After the latest revelations about US-sponsored “bio-labs” in Ukraine and in other former Soviet states, for example, conducting “research” with deadly pathogens, one can more readily understand why Russian suspicions and traditional fears of encirclement were aroused, no matter what one thinks of the Kremlin’s opting for a full-scale invasion:

Tucker Carlson on those “bio-labs” in Ukraine.

This country has often acted in such a heavy-handed manner with far less provocation, and in parts of the world where “we” had no vital interest.

I would remind readers, for instance, of the George W. Bush administration’s lies that were intended to whip up war fervor prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Remember Bush’s claims about mushroom clouds over American cities from the use of non-existent Iraqi nuclear weapons? We should be skeptical of anything the fake news media and politicians tell us.

We should hope for peace in and freedom for Ukraine, and that, whatever the outcome, it is not one in which the Blob thinks it has “won,” for that would likely mean even more foreign interventions, more support for “color revolutions,” and more destructive arrogance and hubris from the usual suspects, creating still more enemies for America. I would add that it would also likely mean an even more intense crackdown on “domestic terrorists” who will be labelled “Russian agents.”

If its carnage and bloodshed that peaks the public interest, then might I suggest that Americans should pay a lot more attention to our neighbor to the south, Mexico, a country where “drug war” casualties are staggeringly high, where journalists are routinely murdered, people disappear, mass graves are uncovered, corruption is rampant, grisly beheadings are a standard practice, and “human traffickers” and drug smugglers are making the most of the Swamp’s open border policies. Fentanyl produced in China and Mexico is being transported over our now defunct Southern border, and lots of Americans are dying as a result. Drug cartels control vast areas of national park land for growing their “crops” and transporting narcotics. If the Pentagon needs a target, then might I suggest drug cartel training camps.

What’s happening at what used to be our Southern border is of vital interest to our people and indeed, is related to Blob’s efforts to erase the nation as such, replacing us in the process.

Finally, it is disheartening to see how passionately engaged many Americans are over Ukraine, displaying a level of anger and intensity I seldom see over the fate of their own country and people. It may be a sign of despair, of subconsciously believing nothing can be done, or that what must be done requires too much, especially of them personally. The attacks on us are not on a single front — the battle lines are indistinct. Everybody wants a solid, readily identifiable enemy. To get anywhere, we must break the virtual reality spell our media-driven society has cast on us.

Wayne Allensworth is a corresponding editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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