Duck and Cover!: New York City Prepares for a Nuclear Attack


By Wayne Allensworth

Those of us of a certain age can remember being taught to hide under our school desks in the event of a nuclear attack. Of course, should a multi-megaton nuke have found its way to our burg, crawling under a desk would have been a prelude to kissing our collective backside goodbye. Nevertheless, the military-industrial arm of the emerging globalist Blob was painting the best face it could on Armageddon. In classroom films, instructors told us to remain calm in the event of what would have been a truly global catastrophe. That’s the way the Cold War era Dr. Strangeloves rolled, serene mad scientists in a Twilight Zone version of The Andy Griffth Show. Be calm, good citizens of Mayberry!

Some of us believed that “duck and cover” was a thing of the past following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. If anything, however, the ideological fervor of the globalists appears to be making a nuclear confrontation with Russia more, not less, likely over thirty years after the USSR went the way of the dodo. The cause of the frenzy is the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine is a country that was never previously considered of any interest, much less of vital interest, to the United States. The Blob, however, considers Russia a mortal enemy, so we are being subjected to another bout of media-fueled hysteria, this time designed to justify ramping up US and NATO involvement in a conflict America has no stake in.

Your humble servant has attempted to explain the Blob’s true motivations and the real threat we face, that of being dragged into a wider confrontation that could escalate into a nuclear conflict. See my three-part series “Don’t be Distracted by the Ukraine Crisis,” for instance, as well as my “Come Home, America” piece in Chronicles.

In May, I wrote that the latter-day Dr. Strangeloves of the globalist camp appeared to be seriously contemplating the possibility of a nuclear exchange with Russia:

The Yorktown Institute’s Seth Cropsey, for instance, writing in the The Wall Street Journal, noted Russia’s test firing of a “Sarmat” ICBM on April 20, as well as Putin’s warnings about Western intervention in Ukraine. And he is prepared to think what should be unthinkable: “The reality is that unless the U.S. prepares to win a nuclear war,” he wrote, “it risks losing one.” The U.S., opined Cropsey, must “recalibrate” its “strategic logic for a nuclear environment.”

Such a scenario is madness. All sane Americans must oppose it. The best way to do that is to oppose further involvement in Ukraine, which the Blob has treated like an expendable pawn for some time.

Meanwhile, the prepping for a possible nuclear war continues. New York City has recently released a public service announcement on what to do in case of a nuclear attack:

At the end of the PSA, which enumerates a number of steps for supposedly surviving a nuclear attack on the Big Apple, the official spokescritter says, “You’ve got this.” Be calm, citizens of the global village!

New York Mayor Eric Adams says that the PSA was not alarmist. Adams, citing reports on the war in Ukraine, said, “I’m a big believer in better safe than sorry.” The mayor said that the city’s Office of Emergency Management did the right thing: “We’re going to always be proactive. Not panic, but we’re going to be prepared.”

Taken together with the Blob’s increased military support for Ukraine, a serious suggestion that a nuclear war could be won in a mainstream publication and Adams’ comments are stunning reminders of the insanity of globalism’s Tower of Babel project. That public officials and regime-friendly intellectuals can speak of a nuclear conflagration so matter-of-factly is staggering. We had better take the Blob’s arrogance and hubris seriously. The globalists have constructed a nightmarish alternative reality that just may be the death of us yet.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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