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Remember The USS Liberty


By Tom Piatak On this Veterans Day, in a special way, I honor the men who served on the USS Liberty. Here is the very impressive list of medals they received,  including one Medal of Honor, two posthumous Navy Crosses, over a dozen Silver Stars, nearly two dozen Bronze Stars, and 208 Purple Hearts. In other words, the Liberty’s crew was one of the most decorated in U.S. Navy history...

Hamas Attack On Israel Highlights Wisdom of Poland’s Rejection of EU Great Replacement Mandate


By Tom Piatak The Hamas terror attack on Israel from Gaza is the latest reminder that diversity is deadly. Europeans have had ample time to learn this lesson, because most European nations have experienced multiple instances of Islamic terror. By contrast, Poland has not been the target of the sort of repeated terrorist attacks that have bedeviled other European nations...

Feast Of The Assumption An Easy Day To Be a Catholic


By Tom Piatak August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption of Blessed Mother, a day that always makes me particularly glad to be Catholic. In Cleveland, the principal celebration held outside of a church building is undoubtedly the one sponsored by Holy Rosary parish in Little Italy, my parish for some 20 years. I made the long trek to Little Italy for years, because the music was excellent. But I...

Some Top Christian Eggheads Are Wrong About Christian Nationalism. History Supports It.


By Tom Piatak Stephen Wolfe, a Reformed Protestant, is under withering fire in certain Reformed circles for his book The Case for Christian Nationalism, in part because he quoted the late Sam Francis, perhaps the greatest conservative intellectual of the past 50 years. One of the ways the Pecksniffs of Protestantism targeted Wolfe was by ending the livelihood of Thomas Achord, Wolfe’s friend and...

A Polish Carol Reminded Me Of The Essence Of Christmas


By Tom Piatak No other time of year brings up memories and stirs up emotions as Christmas does.  This is simply a fact, as undoubted as the mortality of Marley at the beginning of Dickens’ immortal tale.  And the fact of Christmas’ emotional power suggests  another fact:  Its Divine origin. More so than any other time of year, Christmas is tied up with memory.  For me, a...

How The Middle class Is Being Squeezed: Globalization And Financialization Of The Economy


By Darrell Dow In 2016, Donald Trump announced his candidacy in a meandering speech which is widely remembered for his comments about Mexican immigration. Immigration was, of course, central to Trump’s 2016 success. But the theme with which he closed the speech animated his campaign and gave Trump’s candidacy its central expression.    “Sadly, the American dream is dead,” Trump...

A Great Need For Witness


by Tom Piatak An energetic and engaging evangelical church publishes a prayer calendar describing the missionaries from the church, other missions supported by the church, and the world mission field, as seen from the perspective of the church, all for the purpose of soliciting prayers for those mission efforts. Unfortunately, I find that calendar rather less engaging than some of the church’s...

Turn Off The Spigot. Time For An Immigration Moratorium


As yet another caravan of “migrants” marches toward the southern border like a relentless column of ravenous army ants, the Biden Regime and its lackeys in the Lügenpresse insist that the “Great Replacement” is a “conspiracy theory.” But the demographic transformation of the United States is not only quite real but also escalating while Americans watch helplessly. Let’s look at the data. The...

With SCOTUS Leak, The Real Insurrection Has Begun


By Tom Piatak When Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, this country’s Never Trump Elites were floating on a sea of smug self-righteousness and self-congratulation. “The adults” were back in charge.  “Democracy” was saved. A great danger was averted. Prime exhibit of that danger: the “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, when a small number of Trump supporters, who were part of a...

Pro-Russia Conservatives Need A History Lesson


By Tom Piatak On May 9, the Russians celebrated their “Victory Day,” marking the anniversary of the Soviet conquest of Berlin in 1945. Moscow was filled, as it always is on May 9, with red flags, pictures of Stalin, and other symbols of the totalitarian regime that emerged triumphant from World War II. “Victory Day” has become the major national holiday in Vladimir Putin’s...

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