Well Done, Sir David!


A bit of good news: David Suchet is going to be knighted. His portrayal of Hercule Poirot was, simply, extraordinary. Not only was it unforgettable, it was profoundly good, as Suchet highlighted the best aspects of the character. Suchet’s Poirot is not a fussy egomaniac or eccentric genius, but a man whose unfailing courtesy blends seamlessly with an overarching kindness, decency, and goodness, behind which lies a deep Christian faith briefly alluded to in the books but emphasized by Suchet.

The end result is this: whenever I need some relief from a world that can be disheartening, dismal, and dirty, I know I can always rely on Agatha Christie’s brilliant Belgian as brought to life by David Suchet.

Well done, Sir David!

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