Twitter Files: Gov’t Conspired to Control, Influence Twitter; Colluded With Social Media Execs to Crush Free Speech


The FBI and Pentagon were just two of the federal agencies that used a never-ending stream of requests to Twitter executives to stop “misinformation” on the leftist social media platform, Matt Taibbi’s latest dump of Twitter files shows. Myriad agencies joined the censorship program.

And as all those files show, Twitter’s leftist controllers — most notably hate-Trump homosexual Yoel Roth — were only too happy to comply.

Yet in dancing to the federal government’s piper, Twitter sometimes squelched true information.

The ninth dump of files, then, is in some sense not news. We already knew the FBI and Pentagon influenced — if not controlled outright — Twitter executives. Then again, we didn’t know how wide-ranging the program was, just which agencies were involved, and how many social media platforms the government secretly influenced.

In other words, the real collusion scandal of the last six years wasn’t Donald Trump’s colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The real scandal was the government’s colluding with social media to crush narratives they didn‘t like.

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