The Media Rules And We Deplorables


By R. Cort Kirkwood

Years ago, The New York Times’s public editor admitted his paper is incorrigibly leftist, but dusting off that confession only partly explains what happened when the media became an open advocate for the Democrat Party with the rise of Barack Hussein Obama, and subsequently, the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

What has occurred since Clinton lost, and this campaign season, particularly the first presidential debate between Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Trump, fully explains it.

What Biden said elicited no questions or even a grimace from the leftist media in general or leftist moderator Chris Wallace in particular. And that exposed for anyone who cared too look what was at work, which is not just the double-standard of which conservatives have always complained. For at least with a double-standard, there is some standard, even if it simply doesn’t apply to one side.

But now, no standard applies. We have two sets of rules. One for us, meaning the American Remnant represented, albeit imperfectly, by Trump; and one for them, meaning the Deep-State globalists represented all-too-perfectly, by Joe Sneakyfingers.  

What Biden Said
Biden uttered several claims and imprecations that were at once undignified and at turns preposterous.

He called the president “a liar,” “a racist,” and a “clown,” then told him to “shut up.” Then he had the gall to call the debate “unpresidential.”

But Biden knew the rules. He knew that no matter what he said, however ridiculous, the media — and Wallace, of course — would spin it or downplay it to protect him.

But let’s move from the undignified personal imprecations to the preposterous claims. Antifa, the communist revolutionary movement rioting in our streets, and attacking cops and murdering Trump supporters alike, Biden said, is an “idea.”

Then he flat-out lied when he said the New Green Deal was “not my plan.”

And again, crickets. Biden got away with it. Wallace said nothing.

Try now to imagine how media’s howls had Trump called Biden those names, or said “white supremacy” is an “idea,” which, in fact, it is.

The Rules
It’s almost a cliché to answer that question out loud. We know exactly what would have happened because we all know the radical left controls the media, which have always been something of an information ministry for the Democrat Party. But at least, in the old days, they had the grace to try and hide it. No more.

The Washington Post boasted on its editorial page that it was an “independent newspaper.” “Independent” of what, it didn’t say, but since a month after Trump was inaugurated, it says something altogether different: “Democracy dies in darkness.”

So also does truth, and in the case of the media, impartiality. Not objectivity, mind you, but impartiality.

Joe Sobran described the problem years ago in writing about the preposterous claim that Pat Buchanan was an “anti-Semite.” A victim of the same false charge, Sobran cast his dexter beam on the calumny:

There is no penalty for making the charge loosely; the accused has no way of falsifying the charge, since it isn’t defined.

A famous example. When Abe Rosenthal accused Pat Buchanan of “anti-Semitism,” everyone on both sides understood the ground rules. There was a chance that Buchanan would be ruined, even if the charge was baseless. And there was no chance that Rosenthal would be ruined — even if the charge was baseless.

Defeat Trump, Elect Biden
And so it was with Trump. We all understood the rules. 

If Trump said anything about Biden, and no matter how the president answered the nakedly-loaded “white-supremacy” question, we all knew the media would eviscerate him.

And no matter what Biden said about Trump — he could have called the president a child molester — no matter how idiotic his claims, we all knew the media would protect him.

But that’s not a doubled standard, again, because a double standard means some standard must exist. But it doesn’t. We can no longer appeal to an objective rule to show that a Democrat candidate has jumped his tracks. We can no longer appeal to an objective rule that must govern the news media to show where it’s treatment of a candidate is baldly biased, monstrously unfair, and in, some case, purposely false.

It’s two sets of rules. One for them. One for us.

The name of this game is Elect Biden.

And those are the rules. We are not supposed to notice, and if we do, we are liars, racists, and clowns. Or simply deplorables.

All of which mean the same thing. The American Remnant.

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