Is It Time We Reconsider Free Trade, Jeff Tucker?


R. Cort Kirkwood

In this long post on our collapsing economy in general, shortages, and shipping containers at U.S. port that await unloading in particular, libertarian Jeff Tucker inadvertently explains why free trade, and permitting everything we need to be made in China and other foreign countries, weren’t such bright ideas after all.

“The production structures of the global economy are too complex for the human mind to fathom,” he writes.

That can’t be true; the human mind created them.

Here’s what is true: Those structures are too complex for normal human beings to control. Instead, unaccountable corporate bureaucrats who know no loyalty to anything but the dollar sign are in charge. And they are beholden to leftist elected officials and federal bureaucrats, and of course, foreign powers.

But even if human minds could comprehend and control “the production structures of the global economy,” the problems we face cannot be quickly solved because we allowed ourselves to become dependent on foreigners to supply item after item that we used to supply ourselves.  The domestic industries that we allowed to die cannot be revived overnight. And that is a problem foreseen by wise men like Pat Buchanan. Unfortunately, the peddlers of conventional wisdom, including free-traders like Tucker, shouted Buchanan down

So what went wrong with “the production structures of the global economy?” Exactly what Tucker describes: Shortages and unloaded cargo ships.

On an unrelated note, now that Tucker has confessed the problems with free trade and outsourcing everything, maybe he’ll reconsider his crazy idea for a “free market” in adoptions, which would permit mothers to sell their children to “gay married couples” like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his “husband,” Chasten.

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