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Buttigieg’s “Mentee” Mayor Collared on Nearly 60 Kiddie Porn Charges


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) Mayor Patrick Wojahn of leftist College Park, Maryland, a nirvana for the Old Line State’s “LGBTQ” crowd, was an upcoming star. He was a boon companion to his “mentor,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He attended a shindig at the White House with Buttigieg. Photos of the two bosom buddies abound, and Wojahn hobnobbed with top Democrats. But then...

CDC: Sodomy Spreading Shigellosis, a Drug-resistant Intestinal Disease


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) The Centers for Disease Control has issued an official health advisory that says a drug-resistant variant of the shigella bacterium is spreading. And it spreads mostly through homosexual sodomy. The microbe causes the diarrhea-inducing shigellosis infection, although it is also contracted through contaminated food and drink. This outbreak of the disease...

Hershey’s Rewards Cross-dressing Man Lady With Advertisement, Real Women Fume


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) One might have thought the tranny craze had reached apogee when USA Today risibly called Richard Levine, the assistant secretary of Health and Human Services who pretends he is a woman named “Rachel,” one of the newspaper’s women of the year. But alas, Hershey’s — yes, that Hershey’s — has done them one better. The candy conglomerate put a man...

TRanny Madness In U.S. Military Expands


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) Joe Biden opened his madcap assault on the U.S. military when he appointed a cross-dressing man to run the Defense Department’s transition team. It worsened when he OK’d “transgenders” in the foxhole, and when his Pentagon underlings handed down rules on how to “treat” tranny “soldiers.” Those rules include forcing women to shower with tranny men. But now...

Naval Academy Continues War on Confederate Heroes, Symbols


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) The U.S. Naval Academy has renamed a building that once honored Matthew Fontaine Maury, the founder of modern oceanography. It is now named for President Jimmy Carter, a failed president whose most significant achievement was ordering the failed rescue mission of American hostages in Iran. The reason Maury had to go: He served in the Confederate Navy, all...

Harris: Russia to Be Punished for War in Ukraine; WW3 Threatened


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) During a speech on February 18 at the globalist Munich Security Conference, Vice President Kamala Harris implicitly said that the United States and its NATO “allies” would soon start World War III. The target: Russia, because of its war with Ukraine. Russia, Harris declared, has committed “crimes against humanity” for which it will be held accountable. She...

Report: Biden Ordered Destruction of Nord Stream Pipelines


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) The United States destroyed Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September last year after a covert operation to plant explosives that President Joe Biden could detonate when he wanted, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh revealed yesterday. A source with deep knowledge of the covert operation disclosed the details for the former New...

FBI Searches Biden Beach House, Finds Nothing. When Does Bureau Search Hunter’s House?


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) We knew the FBI had to search President Joe Biden’s summer home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for classified documents. We just didn’t know when the federal sleuths would get on the job. They did. This morning. CBS News disclosed that G-Men snooped around for a few hours, found nothing, then left. They recently searched Biden’s home in Wilmington, and have...

USC: “Field” Is A Racist Word


R. Cort Kirkwood From The New American … If you thought leftist wokery had reached apogee when crackpots decided to replace the singular pronouns “he” and “she” with “they” to avoid offending the “gender-fluid” or “non-binary,” think again.  The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work has a message: “Hold my beer.” The latest from commie college is that “field” must be...

Twitter Files: Gov’t Conspired to Control, Influence Twitter; Colluded With Social Media Execs to Crush Free Speech


The FBI and Pentagon were just two of the federal agencies that used a never-ending stream of requests to Twitter executives to stop “misinformation” on the leftist social media platform, Matt Taibbi’s latest dump of Twitter files shows. Myriad agencies joined the censorship program. And as all those files show, Twitter’s leftist controllers — most notably hate-Trump homosexual Yoel...

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