Hamas Attack On Israel Highlights Wisdom of Poland’s Rejection of EU Great Replacement Mandate


By Tom Piatak

The Hamas terror attack on Israel from Gaza is the latest reminder that diversity is deadly. Europeans have had ample time to learn this lesson, because most European nations have experienced multiple instances of Islamic terror.

By contrast, Poland has not been the target of the sort of repeated terrorist attacks that have bedeviled other European nations.

The reason for this discrepancy is obvious. Most Western European nations have come to believe that “diversity is our greatest strengh,” and, as a result, most have substantial Muslim immigrant communities where terrorists can seek both to blend in and disappear and to recruit.

Poles have rejected the false religion of diversity. They want Poland to remain Polish. As a result, Poland has no large Muslim immigrant community in which Islamic terrorists could seek either to hide or recruit.

To maintain the integrity of their national identity, the Poles, along with the the Hungarians, have adamantly refused to accept a proposed mandate from the European Union that would require members to accept a certain number of “refugees” annually. Earlier EU madates of the same type have spread Islam to almost every corner of what was once Christendom.

In reiterating Poland’s unambiguous rejection of the EU mandate last week, Morawiecki stated that Poles did not want to emulate Sweden, where numerous immigrants are now staging regular gun battles on streets that were safe when Sweden was Swedish. Marowiecki could just as easily have cited the increasing prevalence of gun battles on formerly safe streets in Britain and Ireland.

 Morawiecki will now be able to add the Hamas terror attacks to his argument. That reminder of how bloody Islamic terrorism can be will likely help Morawiecki‘’’s Law and Justice Party win Poland’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

Aftet all, despite intense pressure from Brussels, Law and Justice did keep Mideastern “refugees” out of Poland. Poland also has avoided any significant Islamic terror attacks. By helping to keep Poland Polish, Law and Justice has also helped keep Poland safe. 

A lesson is here for leaders of other Western nations, including our own. Unfortunately, few seem inclined to take it.

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  • Yes, of course, you are right. Poland and Hungary are courageous holdouts on immigration, defying not only the UN, EU, WEF and US, but also the Vatican.

By AR Editor

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