An Establishment Scorned


A friend of mine in a position to know told me a year ago that Donald Trump has received press coverage comparable to Nixon’s during Watergate for the entirety of his presidency. Consider that statement, and then consider just the last week.

Add to that the hostility of the generals and the intelligence agencies. The many Bush, Romney, and McCain retainers supporting Biden. The continued credence given to an utterly unbelievable narrative of collusion with Russia by Trump.

Put it all together and you have a picture of an Establishment scorned, and thirsting for revenge. Revenge against Trump, yes, but also revenge against those of us who voted for him. Our crime? Daring to vote for a candidate not approved by the Establishment.

According to many powerful people, that is a crime that will not be forgotten, nor forgiven, nor ever be allowed to happen again.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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By Tom Piatak

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