With the United States of America Controlled by Radical Leftists, What Does “Patriotism” Mean?


By Wayne Allensworth

The old America many of us remember fondly has died of a theory — the theory of radical egalitarianism manifested since the 1960’s as the “blank slate” view of human nature. Sensible people acknowledge — or at least quietly admit to themselves — that social-economic disparities among racial and ethnic groups are most likely the natural result of differences in the abilities and interests of those groups. Engineering an equality of outcomes for all would require totalitarianism. Freedom or absolute equality, take your pick.

The globalists and their leftist allies cannot ever admit such a thing, as it would mean denying their ideology and the viability of their project of radically restructuring the world. Thus, the Revolution is never ending, as the goal of absolute equality is impossible. Like the Soviets under Stalin, the revolutionaries must constantly seek explanations for the failure of the Plan. If blacks are disproportionately imprisoned, then “systemic racism” must be to blame. If women are “underrepresented” in STEM fields, there must be a nefarious “glass ceiling” blocking their advancement. And that means a forever witch hunt for “wreckers” and “saboteurs” in the form of phantom “white supremacists” working through an invisible “institutional racism” supported by an evil “patriarchy.”

What’s more, as the Revolution becomes institutionalized, sweeping all before it, it becomes both a fervently religious project, as people who have lost their traditional religion seek redemption by other means, and a vehicle for upward mobility within the system that supports it. As with Stalinist apparatchiks in the USSR, advancement by denunciation is a viable means of working within the system, though the virtue-signaling apparatchiks themselves must be ever watchful, lest the Revolution consume its children.

Sleepy Joe’s administration is radically left-wing, openly pursuing an anti-American agenda that was implicit during Obama’s presidency. From imposing “critical race theory” to purging the military to essentially ending border controls, all with the encouragement and support of a vast array of mass media, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations, the managerial system is brazenly and unabashedly deconstructing the vestiges of an old America it despises. For all intents and purposes, the Globalist Blob is our system of government. The “checks and balances” and representative institutions you learned about in school are corrupt, even inoperative, especially at the national level. We cannot expect the law to protect us “deplorables.” Derek Chauvin’s conviction was a foregone conclusion. Donating money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund can get you fired.

“Constitutionalism” as a defensive strategy is a failure, not only because our opponents have deconstructed and re-interpreted the document itself practically out of existence, but because the most ardent constitutionalists failed to acknowledge that the document and the political structures related to it were the products of a specific time, place, and people, and that constitutionalism itself cannot remain viable if the heirs of the people who created it are attacked, degraded, denounced, and replaced.

Our vaunted “freedom” was not something that happened by accident or because of ideology. It was a cultural artifact of our people, of the habits and customs they inherited. There cannot be any America without a strong, confident, and self-aware American ethnos. That’s why our very determined enemies carry on a relentless assault on “white supremacy.” It explains why they attack “whiteness,” including the presumption of innocence, the Electoral College, and the concept of equality before the law.

The United States of America as a political manifestation of the American ethnos is dead, but the ethnos, weakened and under siege, lives on. Acknowledging that the global capital on the Potomac and the system it represents are indeed hostile to us is a necessary step toward thinking about what comes next. To begin again, a reassessment of what “patriotism” means is necessary.

At this late date, with our enemies firmly in control, Scott Greer correctly answered the question of what patriotism means for the American Remnant:

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor for Chronicles Magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood   

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