The Never Trumpers as a group take self-righteousness, sanctimony, and self-regard to levels seldom seen outside of clinical settings. Or Hollywood.

And now they are very busy indeed: speaking at Democratic conventions, writing open letters to the Washington Post denouncing Donald Trump, congratulating each other on their “courage” in joining the rest of the media, the academy, and the oligarchy in excoriating their former party and those deplorables who still vote for it.

All of which raises the question: who is the worst of the lot? I’ll leave that weighty matter to the readers of American Remnant. Just name your choice in the comments section of the website or at American Remnant’s Facebook page. The results will be tabulated and gold, silver, and bronze medalists will be announced.

Here are the nominees:

John Kasich

Jonah Goldberg

David Frum

David French

Charles Sykes

Max Boot

(William Kristol’s public persona is certainly obnoxious enough to warrant nomination, but the obscurity into which he has fallen precludes it).

The gold medalist will, upon request, receive the prize of one picture of the lovely and charming queen of the Never Trumpers, Jennifer Rubin. The silver medalist will be eligible for two different pictures of Ms. Rubin. And the lucky bronze medalist will be eligible for three such pictures.

Let the voting commence!

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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