The New Meaning of “Totalitarian”


Last night, at his televised townhall meeting, Joe Biden announced his belief that 8 year olds have the right to change their sex and that the governments of Poland and Hungary, elected by the majority of the Polish and Hungarian people to support the conservative, Christian values that have marked their history since the beginning of those nations, are “totalitarian.”

For such as Biden, “totalitarian” does not mean a dictatorship. It means any government, supported by the people or not, unwilling to force acceptance of such evil nonsense as transgenderism for second graders.

What an awful candidate.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Not only do Democrats corrupt US traditional values and threaten to abolish the Constitution, they corrupt the American language itself. Is their really any point in discussing or debating points with them?
    After all, discussions (and debates) presuppose a certain semantical consensus.

By Tom Piatak

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