Great Replacement Continues. Deportations Drop 90 Percent


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American)

President Joe Biden is keeping his campaign promise not only to illegal aliens but also the Democrat Party strategists who see open borders and no deportations as the means to elect a new people.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported 80 percent fewer illegals since last year, and 90 percent fewer since 2019. And the agency, controlled by Cuban subversive Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, has also dramatically slowed deportations of criminals.

The shocking numbers from the Center for Immigration Studies are news. The treason is not. It’s exactly what Traitor Joe and his leftist gang promised. The goal: Bring in new voters, cement Democrat Party control of the country, dispossess the American people.

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By R. Cort Kirkwood

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