Conserving Nothing on Principle


There is no political type I find more annoying than Never Trump “conservatives.” Taken as a whole, they are smug, self-righteous, unable to comprehend the nature of political power, and unwilling to use political power to advance the interests of ordinary Americans, whom they regard with indifference or contempt.

It is this last point–their unwillingness to use political power to help ordinary Americans–that they call “having principles.” They spend an inordinate amount of time praising each other for being “prinipled.” Indeed, their intellectual output consists almost entirely of attacking any effort to aid Middle Americans, smearing any politician inclined to champion them, and congratulating each other on resisting any effort to turn conservative politics into something that would actually benefit conservative voters.

Their impact on the American right has been wholly negative: they have done nothing to conserve anything worth conserving, they have provided no real opposition to the left, and–other than enriching themselves–the only thing they have accomplished is to hinder the progress of conservative figures who actually cared about preserving the country they inherited and the ideas that would make that possible.

Those in their camp have written that Middle Americans ought to be replaced by immigrants and their communities ought to disappear. I don’t agree with these prescriptions for any Americans, who ought to be able to expect the government to favor them over foreigners and their communities over the foreign interests that have helped to hollow out America’s industrial base.

But, in the case of the Never Trumpers, I might be willing to consider violating my own America First princples and see all their jobs outsourced to Uzbekistan or some such place.

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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By Tom Piatak

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