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Heritage Oversight Project: Biden, Leftists Rigging 2024 Election


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) On March 7, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the innocuously titled “Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting.” But it wasn’t so innocuous after all. For the last three years, the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project reports, federal bureaucrats have worked with radical leftists to rig the 2024 election, most likely with a massive ballot-harvesting...

Russia and Ukraine are Mirror Images of One Another (Navalny’s death—and Gonzo Lira’s)


By Wayne Allensworth Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny has reportedly died in a Russian penal colony. Undoubtedly, Western MSM will jump at the chance to again call Vladimir Putin a murderous dictator. Whether that’s true or not has nothing to do with us. What happens in Russia and Ukraine has nothing to do with us, as I observed earlier. Our interests are elsewhere. What’s more...

What Happens in Ukraine Is None of Our Business. Some Questions and Answers on a War Few Know Anything About


By Wayne Allensworth After observing with some amusement—and a great deal of frustration—the Internet blathering about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, I decided to do a brief question/answer piece on the Russia-Ukraine imbroglio and what it means for us, the American Remnant. I couldn’t come close to covering every point, but I have posted a number of articles on this website on...

Along with Youth (A Retrospective)


By Wayne Allensworth Piles of old magazines, Drawers of boy’s letters And the line of love They must have ended somewhere. Yesterday’s Tribune is gone Along with youth — Ernest Hemingway Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive, wrote Wordsworth. But to be young was very heaven. Part of what the poet penned as an “autobiographical poem,” those lines would linger in his heart and mind...

It’s Now or Never, Governor (Again on the Border Crisis)


By Wayne Allensworth Texas Governor Greg Abbott may be forced to make a decision very soon on how he wants to be remembered, as I wrote in my previous piece. He can either make a stand and assert our right of self-defense, or he can fold and deserve the ignominy that will be his legacy. The question concerns Abbott’s reaction should Joe Biden order the border patrol to attempt to get through...

Abbott Says He Will Defy Court Ruling. But Will He Stick To His Guns?


By Wayne Allensworth From Fox News:  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing back and adding more razor wire to the border fence after Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that the border patrol can remove the wire along the southern border. So far, the border patrol in the borderland has not cut down any of the razor wire. In the meantime, Abbott says he won’t back down despite the Supreme Court’s...

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times


By Wayne Allensworth Rolf spent much of his boyhood in wartime, one in which piles of rubble accumulated as the Allied bombers leveled his city. Rolf and his friends played in the piles of rubble, and later joined the exodus of Germans heading West as the Red Army approached from the East. Everyone knew what would come under the Soviet thumb. So, they packed their belongings and made the trek in...

The Serpent’s Teeth (Civilization and Technology)


By Wayne Allensworth “Sic transit mundus” (Brother Joshua in A Canticle for Liebowitz) In 1959’s A Canticle for Leibowitz, author William M. Miller’s story suggests a series of questions that are as pressing now as they were during the Cold War, when a nuclear apocalypse was very much on the collective mind of the world: Is civilization possible without the continuing advancement of...

Judge Rules That Penny Trial Will Proceed, Rejects Motion to Dismiss Charges


By R Cort Kirkwood (The New American) Daniel Penny will stand trial for second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for saving subway riders from a homicidal maniac about to go on a rampage.  A judge in Manhattan rejected Penny’s motion to dismiss the charges filed by Democrat prosecutor Alvin Bragg, one of the many prosecutors backed by Hungarian...

Chinese Billionaire Lands on List of Top 100 U.S. Landowners


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American) A Chinese communist billionaire who admires mass-murderer Mao Zedong has joined the Top 100 landowners in the United States. Of course, Tianqiao Chen didn’t buy almost 200,000 acres of pristine America in his own name, or that of the Chinese Communist Party of which he is a dutiful member. Rather, he acquired it in the name of his investment...

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