Thanks to all of you who voted in the recent contest to pick the worst of the Never Trumpers. It was close, but the gold medal goes to David Frum, the silver medal goes to David French, and the bronze medal goes to John Kasich.

Kasich is insufferable, French is an eager turncoat, but the sheer awfulness of Frum is hard for anyone who hasn’t been eagerly pumping poison into the American body politic for decades to match.

Frum burst onto the scene with a low, despicable attack on Pat Buchanan in the American Spectator decades ago, easily the worst piece Bob Tyrrell ever published. To Frum, the gentlemanly Buchanan was a “bully boy,” and the distortions about Pat did not stop there. Unfortunately, Frum’s piece was part of a much larger neocon smear campaign that succeeded in turning enough Republicans away from Buchanan so that the man who has been right on every major issue facing America since the end of the Cold War never became President.

On the eve of our invasion of Iraq, Frum was given a cover article in National Review to impugn the patriotism of the conservatives with the foresight and courage to oppose a war that proved to be a disaster on every level, including Pat Buchanan. Anytime you think of the thousands of Americans killed and maimed in that war, the hundreds of billions we squandered there, and the devastation of Iraq’s ancient Christian community, you should think of David Frum, who did all he could to foist this calamity on the country he was unwisely allowed to emigrate to and to which he has never demonstrated the least amount of loyalty or gratitude.

Frum then did all he could to embroil America into another disastrous Mideast war. As a speechwriter in the Bush White House, Frum helped brand Iran as part of the “Axis of Evil.” Since the dimwitted Bush had more or less formally committed himself to the eradication of evil from the planet, the intended destination of this rhetorical flourish was clear. Fortunately, enough Americans quickly realized that the invasion of Iraq was a horrible mistake that Frum never did succeed in fomenting another Mideast war.

In recent years, Frum’s hatred of Trump and the millions of Americans who support him has driven Frum firmly in the camp of the American left. His mansion in the toniest part of D. C. no doubt sports, or soon will, yard signs for Biden and BLM. Most recently, Frum dismissed criticism of his post mocking Kyle Rittenhouse as an emanation of “Nazi twitter.” Of course, real Nazis in America are virtually non-existent, but that’s how Frum has always regarded Americans to his right, a final reminder of how little he knows about the country he has attached himself to in the same manner a lamprey attaches itself to a salmon.

As the gold medalist, Frum is eligible for one picture of the lovely and charming queen of the Never Trumpers, Jennifer Rubin. Silver medalist David French is eligible for two pictures of Ms. Rubin, and the lucky bronze medalist John Kasich is eligible for three such pictures. Prizes may be claimed by contacting American Remnant.

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