Anarcho-Tyrants Back The BLM Mobs


R. Cort Kirkwood

Just when you thought what the late columnist Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny” had reached its apogee, it reaches a little farther. This time, two judges freed two criminals because they might contract the Chinese Virus in jail, where “social distancing” is impossible. Now two people are dead, murdered, police allege, by the virus parolees.

Seattle cops v. mobs, Seattle, 2020 [Screen capture from SPD video].
Time was, the agents of anarcho-tyranny at least pretended they were not anarcho-tyrants. Yes, illegal-aliens might have been running hither and thither killing Americans, but anarcho-tyrants paid lip service to strong borders. No longer. “Sanctuary cities” free rapists and murderers to rape and murder again. A mother and father have no recourse if a sanctuary city frees a five-time deportee who murders their daughter.

Time was, the anarcho-tyrants at least feigned interest in crime victims. No longer. The police are refusing to arrest, and prosecutors are refusing to prosecute, the terrorists from Blacks Lives Matter who are attacking whites, burning cities, and tearing down public statues that just happen to be priceless art. If a married couple who defends the inner-city historic home they restored with firearms against a rampaging mob, the couple will face prosecution, Meanwhile, public officials are closing churches and ordering the law-abiding to wear masks or face prosecution. 

Time was, time was, time was…One could go on time-was-ing forever. The message from the anarcho-tyrants is loud and clear. You are unsafe on the street. You are unsafe in your home. Defend yourself at your own peril.

The mob is in charge, supported by ruling-class anarcho-tyrants. 

The Latest
Consider what happened in the leftist enclaves of Alexandria, Va., and Montgomery County, Maryland: Two judges freed two criminals from jail because the criminals might get sick, which is nothing new. But the criminals then murdered two people within a week or so of each other, which might be new. 

That such a state of affairs is barely news suggests a grim, if not hopeless, future.

In Alexandria, the soon-to-retire judge freed a rape suspect, one Ibrahim Bouaichi, on $25,000 bond because his attorneys argued for a Chinese Virus release. But that isn’t the worst of it, as the Washington Post reported on the April decision: 

In early May, Greenbelt police found Bouaichi behind the wheel of his car at a Wendy’s restaurant drive-through, and they allege that he rammed one of their cruisers with his car. He was charged with multiple assault counts, drunken driving, and multiple traffic charges, but was released on bond after one night in the Prince George’s County jail.

The Greenbelt incident would have triggered a motion from Alexandria prosecutors to revoke Bouaichi’s bond, Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan L. Porter said. But no one notified Alexandria that Bouaichi had been arrested again.

And so he murdered the woman who accused him of rape, then shot himself as cops were closing in on him. 

In Montgomery County, an elected circuit judge freed a petty thug, Justin Wilson, after his attorneys argued for a Chinese Virus parole. He murdered a man, police allege, in front the man’s daughter, WJLA reported:

 Around 11:30 a.m. that day, [Ienzi’s] 16-year-old daughter woke up in her bedroom to the sound of screaming downstairs. The girl walked to the base of the stairwell and allegedly saw Wilson tussling with her father, Edigio Ienzi, 63, at knifepoint. The girl ran back to her bedroom, locked her door, hid in the closet, and called 911. 

“The caller is whispering, advising she saw a knife and blood on the steps,” a dispatcher told fifth district patrol units as they sped to the home. “She says her father was seen lying on the floor.”

Light Speed Change
It’s utterly insane, but truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction, and even Francis might be surprised at the remarkable speed with which what remained of law-and-order collapsed after he described it in Chronicles.

“This condition” he wrote, “is essentially a kind of Hegelian synthesis of what appear to be dialectical opposites, the combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection of public safety.”

The goal, he continued, is this: 

To avoid performing such basic functions as stopping real crime and think up purely fictitious functions that will raise revenue, enhance the power of the police or bureaucrats, and foster the illusion that the state is doing its job. The victims of these new functions and law are precisely otherwise law-abiding and innocent citizens.

Thus did the burgeoning anarcho-tyranny plant a self-perpetuating maze of petty rules and laws to code and trace the lives of Americans even as it controlled their every move. Seatbelt, helmet, and car seat laws. Gun-control statutes. Forbidding smoking on private property. Regulating the size of soft drinks.  And now, requiring masks to enter a store because of the “Sino Lung Rot,” as Ace of Spades calls it, and forbidding church services. Even worse, Catholic bishops and other clergy have gleefully complied.

As a criminal defense attorney on YouTube put it, the Congressional Research Service can no longer count the number of crimes included in the federal criminal code. Civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silvergate estimates that Americans easily commit at least three felonies a day and that one could easily violate one law while trying to comply with another. 

Perhaps, then, it was only a short step to Seattle’s authorities’ permitting the BLM-Antifa Axis of Evil to seize control of part of a major city, and bomb police buildings.

Of course, the ruling class correctly perceives that law-abiding citizens won’t shoot or fight back when arrested for trespassing a soft-drink or anti-smoking ordinance, or even a gun law, but instead pay the fine and/or plead down a possible jail sentence.

But clearing out the so-called CHOP was a rather more dangerous enterprise than, say, setting a speed trap or, even better, rousting a group of peaceful marchers wearing MAGA hats.

And now the ruling class proposes criminalizing “hate speech,” which invites the obvious question of who decides what “hate speech” is. It’s safe to say it won’t be the editors of American Remnant.

Aiding And Abetting Crime
All that aside, the latest cases shock the conscience because two circuit court judges actually aided and abetted the escape of criminals who, police allege, murdered two people. The judges are as guilty of complicity in those cases as the judge in Boston who helped an illegal alien slip away from federal immigration agents when they showed up in her court to arrest them.

If releasing these two isn’t aiding and abetting, one is hard-pressed to reckon what to call it. Whatever the answer, releasing the pair is more evidence that the pathology Francis described is worsening, and quickly worsening at that.

The victims of those crimes cannot hold those judges accountable, just as the victim of a sanctuary city policy that frees illegal alien thugs cannot hold the sanctuary city and its officials accountable when those illegals rape and murder again.

The ruling class elites know this, and know exactly what they’re doing: making war upon us even as they elect a new people.

We have thus arrived at an impossible pass. 

Do nothing, and the anarcho-tyranny will continue what it began those many years ago.

Do something, and risk being shot down in a hail of gunfire from cops — attired and armed like Special Forces operatives — if that something involves making the ruling class pay a steeper price than being voted out of office.

A judge can free a rapist to murder your daughter without consequence; but you can do nothing about the judge, at least not without risking life in prison at best or the death penalty at worst.

Letters to the editor and voting will do nothing.

The fuse is burning.

Expect an explosion.

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