Abbott Says He Will Defy Court Ruling. But Will He Stick To His Guns?


By Wayne Allensworth

From Fox News

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing back and adding more razor wire to the border fence after Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that the border patrol can remove the wire along the southern border. So far, the border patrol in the borderland has not cut down any of the razor wire. In the meantime, Abbott says he won’t back down despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, and for now, plans to continue to secure the border however he wants to.

According to the report, Texas law enforcement officers were continuing to put up razor wire along the border area at Eagle Pass. Posting on “X,” Abbot stated that “The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line.”

Perhaps this current struggle will force the confrontation that is needed to push the remaining sane states to distance themselves from the globalist Blob as part of what we have called “internal secession,” but a note of caution is appropriate.

First, in spite of much sturm and drang about border enforcement, to my knowledge state officials have yet to deport any illegal aliens, which would be absolutely necessary for the battle to amount to anything.

Second, a slew of needed measures, including sanctions against employers who hire illegals, are an absolute necessity to disincentivize illegal crossings.

And third, Texas, and any other states that seriously intend to defend themselves and prevent their being wholly absorbed by the Blob, must take measures to create other disincentives, but instead for “refugees” from Blue States who are fleeing the train wrecks “woke” policies they supported created in states like California.

As noted in this space previously, “It may be that red states adopting bans or sharp restrictions on abortion and supporting gun ownership rights will have a leg up in the game, as those issues are particularly toxic for committed leftists. Nevertheless, additional steps will likely be necessary to prevent an influx of leftists who carry their woke ideology with them like the ‘plague bacillus’ of Bolshevism transported on the train that carried Lenin back to Russia.”

We cannot count on national politics to save us. The paleoconservative strategy of seizing the “commanding heights” in Washington, D.C., is no longer viable in an atomized, “diverse” polity. Demographic shifts and cultural and ideological indoctrination by mass media and the educational establishment, as well as the complete left/globalist takeover of the government bureaucracy (something I watched happen as an employee of Leviathan over more than three decades), make such a strategy untenable. The cultural, demographic, and even geographic base for a “Middle American Revolution” are greatly diminished since then and they continue diminishing today. We will not vote ourselves out of this.

I am not advocating abandoning national politics altogether. If we can get anything at that level, even if it’s only what the mainstream right has done in the past, acting as a weak brake on the leftist advance, it would be helpful. But that’s not what our chief focus should be.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott must soon make a fateful decision on how he wants to be remembered. What will happen should the feds actually begin taking the wire down? Will Abbott try to stop them? That will be the real test concerning Abbot’s willingness to defy the court and the federal authorities. To be honest, I wasn’t confident he’d even come this far, but we can hope. The border battle is of critical importance. If we do not stop the flow of “migrants” entering the country, our relative numbers will continue to rapidly diminish, along with our prospects for preserving a place for our people. 

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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  • Talk of federalizing the Texas National Guard, as proposed by several Texas democrats, will test the mettle of the Governor. Hopefully he stays defiant. There simply is no more time.

By Wayne Allensworth

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