The Globalist Elites Want To Reconstruct Society. That’s Why You Must ‘Be Less White.’


By Darrell Dow

It is now clear that whites are second class citizens in the nations of their ancestors. In the name of rooting out “systemic racism” and “white privilege,” elite power brokers have declared war on whites, propagating racially charged identity politics to advance the interests of non-whites. Only whites can be guilty of “hate” crimes. They are discriminated against in employment and admissions to universities. If they oppose their dispossession, free speech is denied them and they are attacked as “racists” by indoctrinated “friends” and probably their own clergy. 

One of the great mysteries of current Western political life is why an entire ruling class has declared war upon the very population and civilization from which it is itself drawn. What explains the paradox?

The ties that bind elites cut across national boundaries. Their economic interests and fortunes require a complex division of labor and a global market for raw materials, capital, and labor.

Diverse national interests represented by sovereign nation-states are an obstacle to their goals. Thus, distinct laws, tariffs, currencies, immigration restrictions, etc., that serve national interests must be smashed. But men, given their social nature, need to know that they are not governed by mere force but on the basis of some moral principle.

“Ruling classes,” Gaetano Mosca wrote, “do not justify their power exclusively by de facto possession of it, but try to find a moral and legal basis for it, representing it as the logical and necessary consequence of doctrines and beliefs that are generally recognized and accepted.”

“Anti-racism” has provided a moral justification for the corporate drive toward globalization. Identity politics is merely the latest tool of corporate capitalists to distract the public while picking it’s pocket. 

At its root, globalism is the ideological superstructure and linchpin of ruling class power. It is a vast interlocking system of technology, telecommunications, economics, culture, and politics that was constructed and imposed by a small, transnational elite. It is built on doctrines of individualism, autonomy, consumerism, and radical openness. Globalism depends upon the free movement of people, goods, and ideas. It seeks the diminution and ultimate abolition of borders and boundaries, and of national sovereignty itself. Globalization also produces a transnational elite.

Writing in Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy, Christopher Lasch described the new elite: 

Their fortunes are tied to enterprises that operate across national boundaries. They are more concerned with the smooth functioning of the system as a whole than with any of its parts. Their loyalties — if the term is not itself anachronistic in this context — are international rather than regional, national, or local. They have more in common with their counterparts in Brussels or Hong Kong than with the masses of Americans not yet plugged into the network of global communications.

As the ruling class rejects nationhood it also eschews ideologies like nationalism that reflect national sovereignty and identity, as well as other group identities and loyalties that threaten its interests. Elites prize individualism and a skewed form of “merit.” They have little use for family or the culture and moral codes that enforce it.

Corporations depend on mass production, mass consumption and a mass market. Therefore true diversity in tastes and values or regional and ethnic identities impede the creation of uniform tastes. The same is true of mass “democratic’ politics and popular culture. 

Elites therefore tend to disengage from the nation state as well as from these other identities. Its interests extend across many different nations, races, religions, and cultures and are supra-national, detached from any particular place or identity. Hence, they promote ideologies of universalism, egalitarianism, and multiculturalism. It is in the interests of the elite to eradicate the older society and the racial and cultural identities of its people. 

In the words of Samuel Huntington, denationalized elites, “abandon commitment to their nation and their fellow citizens and argue the moral superiority of identifying with humanity at large.” The new ideology is designed to reconstruct society and explains why the dominant elites of the West continue to support the dispossession of whites and their political and cultural annihilation. 

At the same time, the goal is the destruction of an old order and its civilization, built by Europeans and Christians. Therefore, elites support the dispossession of whites and foment a collective consciousness among non-whites to be wielded as a weapon against the remaining remnant that clings to the old ways.

The ruling class is bent on reconstructing society, which explains why it continues to support the dispossession of whites along with the cultural vandalism and political destruction of older an American and Western civilization centered around whites and the Christian faith which European peoples carried to the four corners of the earth. It is in the interests of this elite to destroy the old order and peoples whose identities gave it birth and definition. That is why the ruling class not only fails to resist the anti-white demands of non-whites but also actively supports and subsidizes them. 

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