Our Unpleasant New Religion


The apotheosis of George Floyd leaves little doubt that Wokeism is our new religion. There is literally a shrine to Floyd in Minneapolis, where devotees claim miracles have occurred. The shrine has its own rules, too, rules which make clear the strict racial hierarchy of the new creed: white people are allowed to visit the shrine, but they must be careful to defer to the “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous People of Color) at all times.

Wokeism is also a state religion, as the pronouncements of numerous politicians make clear. It is even proclaimed with zeal by not a few ordained Christians, who seem to find denouncing their yet to be wakened congregants easier than proclaiming “Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

But it is hard to see what Wokeism offers the majority of its adherents, who are white. Most ancient religions glorified the ancestors or the ancestral lands of their adherents. Christianity offers the possibility of eternal life. But Wokeism denounces its followers’ ancestors and their home and promises no eternal reward, only more and more recrimination in this life. I cannot think of a single major religion that offers so little to those who follow it.

This point was driven home to me by something small: I watched in astonishment as fellow Clevelanders vied with each other in an online forum to see who could most vigorously decry Chief Wahoo and anyone still harboring fondness for the mascot that had represented Cleveland’s baseball team for decades. In attacking Chief Wahoo, they were attacking their city and its past and all who had ever worn Chief Wahoo or cheered on those who did, including, presumably, parents, siblings, and even their younger selves. There was not a trace of affection for that past, only a zeal to obliterate any vestige of it. Being Woke did not seem to make any of these people happy. Instead, it seemed to put them in a state of rage.

Wokeism is thus not only a false religion, it is a thoroughly unpleasant and indeed unnatural one. Generally speaking, individuals who hate themselves and are enraged by the remembrance of their past do not fare well in life. Can it be any different for nations?

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Tom Piatak

Tom Piatak writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • The religion of Satan! Chaos, destruction, violence, lies, intolerance, hate, misinformation etc……, You know, all those noble qualities of the darkside!!

By Tom Piatak

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