Every Knee Shall Bow: Biden’s Vaccine “Mandate”


By Wayne Allensworth

The imposition of Biden’s vaccine “mandate,” along with his personal behavior and other actions by the administration, tell us a lot about the nature and aims of the managerial regime.

First, Biden’s behavior mirrors that of other “masters of the universe.” He has ignored COVID restrictions when they inconvenience him personally, even while the peons serving him are forced to observe them. 

Masks? We don’t need no stinking masks.

To paraphrase Theodore Dalrymple’s observation on Communist regimes, the purpose of such restrictions is not to persuade, convince, inform, or in this case, to protect anyone, but instead to humiliate us.

Second, even as Biden badmouths his unvaccinated countrymen, his administration is allowing mobs of “undocumented” — and unvaccinated — aliens to surge into our country. A new “caravan,” undoubtedly organized and supported by globalist organizations, is headed our way, even as the regime releases aliens within our borders and border patrol “encounters” with illegal aliens are at an “unprecedented” level.

A couple of possibilities might explain this behavior, and they are not mutually exclusive.

Possibility # 1: Judging from the numbers of unvaccinated aliens entering the country and Biden’s cavalier attitude to COVID restrictions, the powers-that-be apparently do not actually believe the virus hysteria whipped up by the mainstream media and public health officials. The restrictions and Biden’s “mandate” are about power and are meant to demonstrate just who wields it and who must submit to it. Every knee shall bow to globalism, the new Moloch.

Possibility #2: At least some of the ruling elites and/or their minions might believe, or partly believe, the barrage of terror-inducing media stories about the virus, but they smugly view the human tidal wave at the border as a just punishment inflicted on an historically evil country. Again, subjugation and forced submission to COVID “mandates” are the goals. The “great replacement” is not a “debunked conspiracy theory.”

Among the great unwashed, resistance to Biden’s vaccine order is mounting (See here, here, and here). Millions of ordinary Americans wish to make their own decisions about whether they will be vaccinated, weighing the claimed benefits vs. potential hazards, and considering moral concerns about the development and testing of the vaccines. And some of us still do not like arrogant public officials bossing us around. Joe Biden is not an absolute monarch, no matter what he believes in his muddled head.

Middle American resistance to CRT, “transgender” madness, the vaccine “mandate,” and gun control, along with efforts to redraw state borders to protect the rights of the “deplorables,” an instance of “soft secession,” is vital, but inchoate and disorganized. The emerging resistance needs a leader or a number of leaders to organize it, coordinate efforts, and build a focused movement. The hour is late. We will not be able to simply vote our way out of this. Middle American resistance is the political hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk. Who will pick it up?

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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