Darren Wilson Did Nothing Wrong


As I reported at The New American,  the St. Louis County Prosecutor secretly opened an “investigation” of former policeman Darren Wilson, who shot “gentle giant” Michael Brown in self defense in 2014.

Wilson shot Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store, because Brown tried to kill him.

The evidence was clear from the beginning. A grand jury refused to indict Wilson because it learned, after 25 days of hearing witnesses and looking at forensic evidence, that he rightly fired in self defense.

The Obama Justice Department concluded that Wilson acted in self defense.

The prosecutor in St. Louis, Wesley Bell, tried his best to do what even a hostile, federal police agency could not: prove Wilson guilty of murder or manslaughter.

Bell wasn’t “investigating” Wilson in the interests of justice or of learning the truth. He was trying to railroad him using the false Black Lives Matter narrative that says police persecute blacks.

It wasn’t true then; it isn’t true now.



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