Abbot says Texas Will “Repel” Invasion—Bring it On!


By Wayne Allensworth

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed a new “tactical border force” to the border in order to “repel” aliens attempting to illegally enter Texas. Abbott told Fox News that “We’re deploying today a new Texas tactical border force made up of elite National Guard who are specifically trained for one thing. And that is to identify areas illegal immigrants are trying to cross the border and to fill that gap and to repel them.” Abbott was clearly acting ahead of the expiration of Title 42, a Trump administration policy aimed at expelling asylum seekers during the Covid panic—and an expected rush of “migrants” flooding across the border.

Abbott stated that the border force is authorized to “physically turn back those who are trying to cross the border illegally,” and would set up concertina wire barriers to block illegals from crossing the border. Abbott had previously promised to detain illegals in Texas and return them to border entry points, but that only delayed their journey, as the Border Patrol, now a social services agency for foreign invaders, would promptly release them.

This time around, Abbott has rhetorically taken the next step—the 10,000 National Guardsmen and Texas state troopers that will make up his border force will supposedly turn back the invaders. American Remnant has taken the position that only direct action by the states in defiance of the federal Levithan can at this point secure the border, and if that foments a political crisis, so much the better. A clash between the feds and Texas could be a pivotal event that might force other states to react. But that fight would just be the beginning of the sane separating themselves from an insane globalist Behemoth via what American Remnant has called “internal secession.” To make border enforcement stick, for instance, Abbott and the state legislature must follow up with employer sanctions to disincentivize illegals from seeking to enter Texas from other states. And Texas officials must stand firm and resist pressure from the globalist Blob, from the D.C. Swamp, the leftist mainstream media, and trans-national corporations.

If Abbott is truly serious this time — and that remains to be seen — he will have to have the stomach for a confrontation not only with the Blob, but, as VDare’s “Federale” has noted, with Mexican cartels that have been controlling the traffic at the border and transporting huge amounts of drugs into our country. They are not likely to quietly give up such a lucrative business. For decades, we have listened to highfalutin talk about “protecting our freedom” and “defending our country” from globalist high panjandrums who had no intention of doing either and indeed did quite the opposite. 

Now Texas has a chance to do both. What will it be, Governor Abbott? The Eyes of Texas are upon you.

So far, so good:

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  • I’d sure like to see a follow-up on this, Wayne. Hasn’t Abbott been governor for 8 years? Just now he’s decided to take action? Is this action actually nothing more than a token effort? Nonetheless, I hope it’s all for real because a confrontation between Texas and the federal government over the invasion of illegal migrants would be great news!

    • That remains to be seen, Roger. I have never thought that Abbott had the nerve to do even this, but we can hope. I will follow up when something happens that lets us know whether this serious or not.

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