The Black Sea Drone Incident (Graham’s Warmongering/DeSantis on Ukraine and China)


By Wayne Allensworth

To understand exactly what the significance of the Russians forcing down a US drone over the Black Sea actually is, two points have to be made clear. First, that the US has been helping the Ukrainians with targeting for some time. US officials have even bragged about targeting a Russian warship sunk by a Ukrainian missile, as well as Russian generals killed by the Ukrainians. That, along with helping Kiev with command and control, planning, strategy, training, and more makes the US and NATO participants in this war. The “proxy” war veneer has worn very thin. And second, US officials have also given the Ukrainians a green light to use US-supplied weapons systems to conduct attacks on Crimea, where the Russians have drawn a “red line.” The Russians apparently believed, with good reason, that the US drone was on a reconnaissance mission to aid the Ukrainians in launching a strike on Crimea.

Thus, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s feigning outrage about the drone incident, and blabbing about “aggressive, risky, and unsafe” actions by Russian pilots, while pledging to continue the drone flights, is yet another instance of Washington’s “Who, us?” schtick, which is also wearing quite thin. The truth is that the West, especially the globalists in Washington, provoked this war, having engaged in aggressive, risky, and unsafe actions in the Russians’ geopolitical front yard, that the West refused to negotiate on a security agreement with the Russians prior to the war, that Moscow has reacted as any great power would in a similar circumstance, and that the globo-cops of what the Russians have dubbed “the collective West” have done far worse with far less provocation, Iraq being a case in point. As noted previously on this website, “we” are moving closer and closer toward a direct clash with Russia, and the potential threat of a nuclear exchange has increased.

Following the drone incident, Russian Security Council Chairman Nikolay Patrushev stated plainly that the drone incident was more evidence of the Americans participating directly in the war.

This has not deterred the usual suspects from calling for even more US actions against Russia. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, for example, has amped up his usual warmongering. Graham told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that Washington should threaten to shoot down Russian planes approaching US “assets” over international waters (the Russians have understandably restricted  additional airspace in the Black Sea during the “special military operation”). Graham went on to criticize Biden, not for entangling the US in the war, but for supposed weakness. Graham, as GOP hacks are inclined to do, even invoked the ghost of Ronald Reagan in calling for an aggressive US response.

On can almost hear the chant of USA! USA! USA! in the background as if this were the 1980s. I would remind the senator that Reagan wisely ignored his war hawks and chose to negotiate with Mikhail Gorbachev to end the Cold War. Unlike Graham and other globalist fanatics, Reagan preferred peace to hawkish ideology. 

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared to back off his previous support for US involvement in the Ukraine war. There is, however, one major “but” to consider: DeSantis merely prefers a confrontation with China over one with Russia. DeSantis told Tucker Carlson that Ukraine did not represent a “vital US interest,” but checking “the economic, cultural, and military power of the Chinese Communist Party” did. Checking Chinese influence in the US is a good idea. Getting into a military confrontation with Beijing, however, is not in our “vital” interest. A “vital” interest is one that if not addressed would be a threat to our survival. Thus, DeSantis was closer to the mark in saying that defending the US border was, in fact, a vital interest. “We,” whoever that may be any more—have no interest in what used to be called “foreign wars.” The war directed against any “we” that the American Remnant would recognize as such is taking place right here at home.

This observer has noted previously that cracks in the elite Ukraine war consensus have been appearing for some time. I’ll venture a guess that what is going on behind closed doors in Washington is an argument over whether Russia or China should be the primary target in a campaign of extending the globalist managerial system’s hegemony. Sane Americans must realize that globocrat elites are more than ready to risk nuclear war with the two major powers who are blocking their designs and do all they can to stop it.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.

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