SI Makes History: The Norming of “Trans” Mania


By Wayne Allensworth

A creature who goes by the name “Leyna Bloom” is now, as Us magazine reports, “gracing the pages” of the 2021 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “Leyna” and SI are “making history,” we are told, since “she” is “the first transgender woman of color” to be featured in the magazine. SI had already established its “woke” credentials last year, when the once popular swimsuit issue featured its first “transgender” model. SI‘s editors were fully aware, no doubt, that more history was there to be made by featuring a “person of color” of the “trans” persuasion in its glossy pages.

SI‘s recent bout of lunacy makes one nostalgic for the good old days of Christie Brinkley and Kathy Ireland. The unstated assumption of the powers-that-be is that if “Leyna” doesn’t make the boys drool, they are all a bunch of “transphobes,” as the latest addition to the argot goes. We have been duly directed to find “her” desirable–“she’s” a victim, you understand, of patriarchal norms. In the benighted past, “Leyna” claims, “she” was told “she” was a “woman,” black (Us capitalizes “Black,” of course), and “trans,” and that “she” was, therefore, “at the bottom of the food chain.” But not now–bottom rail on top! And you had better at least pretend to like it. Capiche?

What’s going on here? 

First, sports journalism is competing for its place in the sun. Sports writers are no longer crusty fellows chomping on cheap cigars in cramped press boxes as they pound out copy for the unwashed. Perpetually rehashing the Jackie Robinson story just doesn’t hack it anymore. What better way to become “relevant” than turning the swimsuit issue inside out, so to speak?

Second, Big Brother is constantly on the lookout for thought crimes. The globalist Blob is a total system. It intends to encompass everything in our lives. Nothing can be allowed to exist outside it, as that would threaten the long-term prospects for permanently transforming the proles (especially whites) into a mass of UBI-collecting, cubicle dwelling, obedient drones. Testing the collective gag reflex of American males is great fun, and highly informative for the Blob’s Minions. Who will dare express repulsion at the charms of “Leyna?” Who will perform the requisite act of obedience and proclaim “her” desirable?   

Third, the demonic transvaluation of all values continues. The object of the nihilists, who hate the natural order, God, and anything associated with civilized society, is to invert all social norms, to proclaim the perverse and disgusting as beautiful and call Evil, Good, and Good, Evil. That which is beautiful must be subverted. Thus, the proliferation of people who mutilate and disfigure themselves.

Normalizing “trans” mania by trying to force “Leyna” on us is part of the program.   

And fourth, the left delights in destroying anything normal men–especially normal white men– enjoy. Whether it’s “trans” swimsuit models or rubbing their noses in the “Black National Anthem” at sporting events, the monsters must be made to squirm.

This sort of thing is not going to go away anytime soon. For decades, mainstream conservatives mocked “PC,” while not really taking it seriously. It was no joke, however. The woke crazies mean what they say, and there is nowhere left to retreat to that is beyond their reach.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor for Chronicles Magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood   

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