Revolution and Resistance: How can elections continue?


We are living in the midst of a revolution.  The lines have been drawn, and blood is being spilled. The brutal killing of a Trump-supporter in Portland, the assaults on and harassment of Republicans who attended the president’s RNC speech, increasing black-on-white assaults and murders, and the transformation of once great American cities into warzones resembling scenes from a dystopian sci-fi movie tell the tale. 

As noted by your humble servant (here and here), there is, however, a Middle American resistance that is as yet inchoate and uncoordinated, but one that is putting up a fight everywhere from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Berkley Springs, West Virginia, and many other places besides.  Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has become a symbol of Middle American resistance.  His shooting three leftist rioters in Kenosha was clearly done in self-defense, though Kyle has been charged with murder.  Middle Americans cannot expect justice, but we must not back down, and we have to demand equal protection of the law for our people. 

We can fight or capitulate.  There are no other options.  The counter revolution is underway, but it needs leadership and cooperation between disparate resistance elements to be effective in the long term.  As the fight intensifies, it may be that local leaders emerge who could then form a network of resistance groups, communicating like the Committees of Correspondence prior to the American War for Independence. 

What we are fighting for, dear readers, is our right to live free, to live as we see fit, in opposition to the managerial state’s regime of anarcho-tyranny.  By all means, vote to re-elect Donald Trump, but winning national elections will not be enough to save us.  Our enemies have been showing us for the past four years that they will continue to forge ahead with their plans regardless. Politics, as we once understood them, are over

The November presidential election will, in all likelihood, disintegrate into chaos—Hillary Clinton, the Madame Defarge of our year zero, has already called on Joe Biden to refuse to concede the election to Trump “under any circumstances.”  As far as our enemies are concerned, they are on the right side of history, and neither election law nor the Constitution or any antiquated notions about fair play will stop them.  The whole point of mail-in balloting is to swing the election their way by hook or crook, or, barring that, to foment confusion and chaos.  Mail in voting is a sure way to create trouble, but the Dems don’t mind that.

Meanwhile, Biden has been wheeled out of his basement to make a statement about the riots. To be sure, he blamed the violence on Trump, but the statement is a sign that the Dems are nervous and think the constant mayhem is undercutting their front man in key states. They appear to be trying to cover all their bases, including issuing veiled threats that the violence will go on if Trump is re-elected. As Biden’s speechwriters put it, “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is re-elected?”

AntiFa and BLM militants are no doubt planning ahead for post-election riots, and what I have called the Globalist Blob is probably considering ways to prevent Trump from taking office should all their chicanery fail and he be declared the winner.  Angelo Codevilla has written that the Dems stated refusal to concede to Trump might mean one or more blue state governors refusing to certify that state’s electors to the Electoral College, “so as to prevent the college from recording a majority of votes for the winner.” The plot line would likely be focused on claims that Trump has stolen the election, possibly by disrupting USPS operations

It’s difficult to see how national elections, particularly presidential elections, can go on, as each election cycle provokes a systemic crisis.  A country that is no longer a nation can only be held together by force.  Considering that, and the fact that the Blob will eventually get the one-party state it wants via demographic change, the Middle American resistance will be forced to seek autonomy for our people as an ultimate goal. 

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.  

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