A Rigged “Political Process” and the Radicalization of Middle America


By Wayne Allensworth

As the deplorable nation went to bed on election night, it appeared that Donald Trump was about to pull it off—the Orange Man seemed to be on his way to a surprise victory.  The slanted polls were wildly wrong once again.  There was no “blue wave” in sight, and Sleepy Joe had barely left his basement during the campaign.

The next morning, we began hearing about a number of apparent “glitches” in the vote count, and, as foreseen in this space, those mail-in ballots began ever so slowly turning up in “batches” that in some cases reportedly favored Biden by 100%.  We were supposed to believe that the lackluster Biden, whose rallies couldn’t fill a phone booth (yes, I’m showing my age), was making an electoral haul that was in some areas reminiscent of those seen in third-world dictatorships and Stalinist “people’s democracies.”

“Flyover country” has every reason to believe this election is being stolen. 

If there was anything the last four years have taught us, it is that the powers-that-be would not let any old fashioned notions about fair play and the integrity of “the political process” stop them from having their way, no matter what the actual election results.  In fact, the managerial  system that I’ve dubbed “the Blob” had effectively stolen the last election by stonewalling the Donald through its minions in the bureaucracy, censoring its opponents, de-platforming them, denying them financial and other services, and conniving with the “beautiful losers” in Trump’s own party to undermine the president.

Trump was also seriously distracted by the bogus “Russia gate” scandal, the most scandalous aspect of which was the security and intelligence agencies mounting a silent coup against a duly elected president of the United States. Yes, his enemies failed in the end to remove Trump, but they were largely successful in crippling his presidency. Trump’s foolish and even naïve personnel appointments, among other things, didn’t help matters, but that’s another question.

It was no surprise, then, that the 2020 presidential election was not by any means a free and fair one, even without the dubious vote count in those disputed swing states.  The media, including Fox when it really counted, were all in against the president, and the de-platforming, censorship, and disinformation (about “white supremacists” being responsible for the BLM/Antifa riots, for example) intensified.  Indeed, the riots themselves constituted a part of the anti-Trump campaign as a means of blackmail and intimidation—vote for Biden-Harris, or else!

What we have been witnessing, gentle reader, is the next stage in what yours truly has called “the end of politics,” the end of the system of civilized political struggle in this once great republic that was based on a broad consensus regarding fair play and political competition.  Those days are gone, and Middle America is waking up to that fact.

What’s more, how can representative democracy function when there are no shared assumptions about the most fundamental issues?  We live in a topsy turvy world in which there is no agreement on who, or what, is “American,” or what “marriage” means, one that has displaced biological sex with “gender identity.”   

Those are not issues that can be settled in a committee hearing, and, indeed, with the demographic ring closing in on us, our enemies have no intention of holding discussions about anything once they have their one-party state.

The mask is, indeed, off.  Yet the true nature of the managerial system has been steadily revealing itself for some time, as each deeper and more sinister level of its collective being was steadily uncovered like a group of Russian nesting dolls, each one hidden beneath another.  

Your humble servant shares the view that we need a political “divorce,” but, as I explained earlier, should such a “divorce” come about, it may take time for it to be finalized.  

Meanwhile, the emerging Middle American resistance may manifest itself in a backlash against the electoral machinations of our managerial elite.  We can no longer trust the system to more-or-less function as advertised.  The radicalization of Middle America may, indeed, be the silver lining in this particularly dark cloud.

We must resist at every opportunity.

There are “Stop the Steal” rallies planned for tomorrow, November 14, in state capitals across the country.  The rallies in the critical swing states where the election is being disputed are especially important.  We still have the “nuclear option” available to us to thwart the Blob’s design, if need be.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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